Friday, June 02, 2006


Well, it's friday and that means another "Remember When???". The story I have today is a bit scary, so if you don't like ghosts or things like that, I suggest you go read something else LOL

For some reason I've always been the one to "see things" in my family. Now don't go getting all weird and freaked out on me, I'm not a psychic nor would I want to be one, BUT for some reason if we go to a house that is "supposedly" haunted, I feel really weird in there and if there's something to see, I will be the one seeing it. You have no idea how frustrating and scary it is.

So the story today is about a house we used to live in when I was, Oh, 12 or 13 years old I think. My dad loved this house, but for some reason I just hated it, I would see all sort of things, feel all sort of things too and I literally remember sitting up everynight, with my dog on the bed, the light on and staying awake until the morning before turning off the light and trying to get a few hours of sleep. My grandmother, grandfather and greatgrandmother were all living with us at the time, and I was lucky that my grandmother saw these ghost or whatever they were, too.

There were always weird things going on in that house. I vividly remember going to the bathroom one day and being PUSHED by no one. It was scary!!!
When we went on vacation, my uncle offered to come by everyday and water the plants, feed the dog etc. He went one day and never returned. Apparently he was sitting at the dinner table just reading the newspaper and everything started falling off the shelves, next thing he knows the curtains in the living room start opening and closing on their own....that was enough for him to never go back alone.

One of the worst times for me was when I woke up in the middle of the night (one of the times I actually managed to fall asleep), and saw hands around my throat, I tried to scream and no sound would come out, I finally managed to jump out of bed and run out of the room. I slept the rest of the night with my greatgrandmother.

Now before I tell you this next incident, I have to explain that our house had these closed in porches to the right and left of the front door. My grandmother, being a seamstress, used the one on the left for all her sewing and that is where she would sit all day and work.
We all knew what time my stepmom would come home from work, which was always around 4:15pm, so when she would knock on the door or ring the bell (I don't know WHY she didn't take a key LOL), one of us would run up, open the door and run back in the house.

Well my grandmother was sitting there sewing and heard the doorbell. I ran up, opened the door, turned my back and ran back into the house, as I always did. My stepmom walked in, closed the door and walked through the other porch to her bedroom. A few minutes later, she comes walking out and my grandmother says "Did you bring a friend for some alterations or sewing she needs?".
My stepmom looked at her like she was crazy and said "No, I didn't bring anyone home, why?"
And my grandmother says "Are you sure? Who is the lady that walked in with you?". Apparently when I opened the door for her, my stepmom walked in and a lady wearing black with short blonde hair, walked in behind her and followed her into her room. Let me tell you, I get chills just talking about it. My stepmom and grandmother were both terrified.

So yes, that was just ONE of the weird houses we lived in. Maybe next week I will tell you about the house after that, this time my uncle was living with us and let's just say that he didn't like the midnight company he was getting LOL


  1. I totally beleive in that stuff, and not to be weird, but being completely honest, my mom is a prophetess and she knows things about people that the Lord tells her. Not Psycic though. And there are people out there called "see ers" don't know how to spell it. that can see both angels and demons. I know some of these people. I am very happily NOT one of them. Usually if you are a see er, you see both. So, you must be one. These are usually very spiritual people, ones that can speak in tongues and have a very intimate relationship w/ the Lord and have abilities to prophesy. Hope I didn't freak you out.

  2. I totally agree with flip flop mamma! I saw something odd today in our new house and thought it was funny to read your story. I was sitting in the dinning room and I saw a man walk into my son's room and then the door closed... Son was at school and i was all alone in the house. I said a real quick prayer that started with "oh jesus did you see that?!" He of course did...


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