Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The treasure I have to share with you all today, is near and dear to my heart. It's a "Journal" that I kept from the first day I met my husband, to the day we married. As many of you may know, ours was a complicated relationship as I talked about here.

I kept the journal and wrote in it every night, my thoughts, my fears and my joys. The ups and downs of our relationship, the deployments, the year apart etc., everything was written down and when I go back and read it nowadays it's just amazing how many different emotions and feelings I had going through me. It's a REAL rollercoaster, let me tell you.

On June 29, 1998 I wrote this entry:

I've never been a fighter and many times I took the easy way out of problems....when something threatened my happiness, I would give in and back away from an eventual fight to keep what was important.
But since last year, exactly on the 12th of August, everything changed.

My love for Curtis changed the way I looked at life, the way I handle problems and most of all what I know as the real meaning of life.
One thing this has all taught me, is that you either trust the one you love, or you don't. God works in mysterious ways and when we think that he is hurting us, he really is only trying to teach us a lesson.

.....I don't even know how to respond to that. This was during an especially hard time in our relationship.

August 14, 1998 (two days after our wedding)

We have been married for two days now and they have been the BEST of my life, in these last few weeks I have felt so much love and happiness, more than I had ever anticipated.
I am where I have always wanted to be, married and totally in love with my husband.

And here is the journal that has kept all these beautiful and sometimes heart wrenching thoughts. I hope to one day share it with my kids so they may understand how mommy and daddy met, married and lived.

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  1. What a beautiful treasure and keepsake! I am a huge believer in journalling--we learn so much when we review where we have been and how God has worked miracles in our own life.

    I think that's why I enjoy blogging so much--it is a way to journal--while letting others see how God is working through my own life. Thanks for sharing your journey--and your treasure!


  2. Wow! Now I wish that I'd kept a journal during my tumultous early relationship with my husband - what a treasure!

  3. Me, too, Beck.

    I do have letters, though! (Back in the day when stamps cost 10 cents. . .)

  4. Oh, that's soo nice! I have a 3 ring binder of over 60 emails that Jon sent me during a 2 month time period. I should use that as a tuesday treasure sometime. I didn't do one today, maybe next week. I have a diff post up now.

  5. What a fantastic treasure! Thanks for sharing!

    I've been journaling (privately) since I was 16 years old and I have probably over 30 journals and still going. Now I'm doing it publically too with my blog. :)

    I've posted a TT as well, about my Grandma G. Stop by and take a peek. :)

  6. That is a great thing to have! Something to pass down to your children! Wonderful post!

  7. Cool! I kept a journal when I was younger but have lost touch with writing. Then I met "blog". So that's my journal now. Yours is a great reflection of your relationship. Has he ever read it?

  8. That is neat, thanks!

  9. What a great treasure! I have kept journals too and sometimes I go through them "reliving" how I felt and everything then. I also have a journal when Joe was in Korea for a year too...not an easy time! This will be a wonderful account of your history to pass on to your kids!

  10. Ah! Reminds me of "the Notebook".

  11. What a nice thing to have. I have all the letters my husband wrote me and I wrote him while we were apart, but they don't compare to your journal. That's a wonderful gift.

    My Treasure is up, too.

  12. That is an incredible treasure! What a wonderufl thing to be able to share with your kids. :)

  13. ok - just went and read about how you met. I had no idea!! That is incredible! I had always wondered how you guys met.

  14. What a legacy; your children will indeed treasure that, I'm sure.

  15. Wow, keep that one and pass it on to your children...great story. I've kept all my journals as well, but they're too depressing to pass on to anyone!!

  16. Good for you for starting a journal and actually keeping it!!

    What a great thing to look back into for some perspective. And I'm sure your kids will love to read it. You're starting a legacy of beautiful Christian marriage for them...

    Hugs to you!!


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