Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday!!!

I'm really starting to run out of ideas on this, either I need to start creating more shortcuts for myself or just admit that I really DON'T have that many tips worth making anyone's (much less myself) life easier. :)

My tip for today is one about kids and chores. A while ago I had talked about how Jasmine and I had sat down and wrote a list of chores that she is able to do. I'm not one to tell kids to do things that I don't think they should be doing at their age, like telling a 7 year old to scrub the toilet, Ummmm....NO!!!

We had a Chart of Chores for her but after about a week, she started getting bored with the things she was doing and I knew that I had to do something or come up with something before she would completely deny doing anything at all.

So I introduced the Chore Jar. In it I placed a bunch of papers with different chores on it, things like Clean your Room, Make the Bed, Set the Table, Feed the Pugs, Water the Plants etc. Then I also added things like Help Fix Dinner, Help in the Garden, Help Mommy Sew, Help Mommy Iron, Help Daddy make Shelf, Help Daddy change oil in car, etc.

These last ones I added because I think it's important that kids learn a variety of things AND it will also help us spend some one on one time with them. There are times that Jasmine will get a boy chore and Nicholas will get a girl chore, like cooking etc.......
This way they will both be introduced to all sorts of things, and let's face it, won't it be great when my son grows up and is able to do all the boy things PLUS cook, fold laundry etc???

As we think of new chores we just add them to the jar. The kids are actually excited to pull a paper out of the jar everyday and they don't get bored with the usual same things. Works for me!!!

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  1. What a great idea! I wish I had been that clever. (and those cows are awfully cute!)

  2. Great idea Sandra! I love it:)

  3. pug blog we need more pics on the pug blog (yeah i know i have not updated my blog)

  4. Hey, anything that makes kids look forward to chores is great in my book! Very original! Thanks for sharing!

  5. That sounds like a good idea for when dd is "bored" this summer!

  6. Very, very good idea. With this weeks post, I have completely run out of ideas!

  7. Very, very good idea. With this weeks post, I have completely run out of ideas!

  8. This reminded me of something we did as a kid. My mom had a clean up the room jar. The slips of paper had things like, "clean up round things" or "clean up pink things". It made cleaning our room into a game. Anything that makes chores fun is brilliant!

  9. that is a great idea!! way to go - i need to do this. i also need to save these ideas - Iam going to forget these!!


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