Sunday, June 25, 2006

How does that saying go?

"One man's trash is another man's treasure?" or something like that right?

Well one thing I love doing during the summer, is going to yard sales, there's times I don't buy anything, but just love browsing and looking through everything, it's something that I'm thankful that my hubby loves doing too. So every saturday morning, we load up the kids in the truck and set off at 7:30am.

The sun is already shining, there's a warmth in the air and you can feel the activity in the streets, cars following each other from neighborhood to neighborhood, almost like a procession. Tons of cars stopped outside houses with eager homeowners smiling and giving their usual "how are you today?" Ahhhhhh such joy!!!

We get to this one, and as we drive around to the house I see something outside that catches my eye. Could it be??? Nah, there's no way I would get THAT lucky!!!
Yes yes yes, I think it really is. "Curt is that a computer armoire?" (hear the excitement in my voice?) "Yes I think it is, hold on, let me stop the truck before you run out!"
Yeah, I was THAT excited, because you all know that they are not cheap and it's something I've been looking for forever, well shouldn't really say looking for, I mean I know where they are just didn't want to have to pay close to $200 for it.

I run out and hug the armoire, look up at the price and it says $30. OH- MY- GOSH!!!! NO WAY!!! I turn to the lady and say "It's mine, I'm taking it". So we got to talking and they were saying how they had just gotten to the base 6 months ago and haven't been here long, and how long had we been here blah blah blah blah blah. Before we leave she says "I'll give it to you for $20". GASP!!!! WHAT?!?!?! WHO?!?!?! WHERE?!?!?!
(Doing the happy dance)

So here it is, my new computer armoire....don't you just love a good bargain????

Yesterday we were supposed to keep working on the back yard, but Curt and Jasmine went out to watch "Superman Returns" for FREE!!! The Base apparently won this contest thing and was one of the bases being awarded the showing of the movie for free. Here's the catch though (well for me it's a catch LOL), the doors opened at 11am and the movie didn't start until 1:30pm. So it was on a first come first served basis. I was NOT about to go sit there for hours with a 3 year old who really doesn't give a hoot about movies, and I honestly don't really like those movies myself *duck for fear of a stone being thrown my way*.

Nicholas and I stayed home, we went to Burger King for Lunch, just mommy and son, it was wonderful :) Then we came home and we put up his NASA space wall border in his room, he just loves it :) Will post a picture tomorrow.

I'm so thrilled with the response to my post yesterday, see I never think of myself as inspiring or uplifting. Direct and too open at times, not afraid to say what I'm feeling, YES!!! But inspiring, NO!!!
But if my posts in any way inspire even if just one person, then I know I'm doing the right thing.
Remember yesterday I said I would start posting every chapter of the book? Well I read through some more last night and this book is just filled with information, filled with thought provoking words and most of all FILLED with the Lord's love. How amazing!!!

The first chapter is actually called "Just a Moment, Please". When I started reading I honestly felt like it could have been me saying those things. How many of us have felt that since having children and getting married, we just don't have time for God? We had to put that relationship on hold, on the back burner, because we ran out of time to be with Him.

How many times have I tried to read the Bible or spend some time in prayer only to be interrupted continuously by something or someone? I remember one day trying to do this, I set my alarm for earlier and figured if I get up at least 15 minutes before the kids, I can devote that time to God. Well that worked great when I was thinking about it, then the alarm went off, I got up and picked up the Bible only to have Nicholas wake up too. "I'm hungry mommy, let's go downstairs". Ohhhhkay!!! I gave him his breakfast and picked up the Bible again thinking he's quiet and happy so I can do this. I read two words and the pugs had to go outside. Set it down again, take them out, come back in and pick it up, Jasmine wakes up. Oh forget it.....sorry Lord, I promise I will get back to you when I get a free moment.

Every little moment in our lives could be devoted to God, we just need to realize that and like the scriptures say. "take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ" (II Cor. 10:5)

As I positioned the diaper under Amanda's tiny bottom, I heard the Lord say, You have a moment.
Yes, Lord, I do. Hi again! I sure spend a lot of time changing Amanda. Just like You've spent a lot of time changing me.
I chuckled over the analogy and headed for the toilet with my scrub brush.
You have a moment.
Yes, God, I do. Thanks for washing away my sins, just the way I'm washing away disgusting things in this toilet.
In the kitchen, I set the table for dinner.
You have a moment.
Yes, God. Thank you for food to eat and a roof over our heads.
I was beginning to get the idea.
Yep I'm getting the idea too. How easy and how simple it is, but yet I never thought of it. The book talks about how we usually compartmentalize God, by sticking him into time slots such as Bible Study, Quiet Time and Church. The minute you let God spill over into every moment of your life and instead of being upset by not having an hour with God, you now have a WHOLE day with him. How wonderful!!!

Here's the "Time Out" for this Chapter,

  • Memorize II Corinthians 10:5. What does it mean to "take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ? How can you do this? What does the verse instruct you to do before you take your thoughts captive?
  • Do you acknowledge God's presence in your everyday moments or do you confine Him to compartments? What does it mean to abide in Christ? (Read John 15.)

Well I have breakfast cooking, bacon and sausages YUM. Going to make some cinnamon toast for the kids too. I have to say I'm really enjoying spending these quiet times with you all, this book has inspired me so much and I hope it spills over to all of you. Hope you have a great sunday :)

God Bless,


  1. Lazy Sundays...spent my morning reading the Word, and now reading your blog...great way to start the day! Thanks.
    And great armoire BTW..what a deal!

  2. Hi Sandra, what a great bargain! But beat ya! We got our computer desk for free from next door ;o)Blessings

  3. I've been wanting something like that armoire too, but just not enough room in this tuna can for such a beauty. What a bargain!

    Good going on that study you're doing; I just might have to get me that one!

  4. what a GREAT deal you got on the armoire! I would have been excited to find it for such a low price and in good condition too!

    Thanks for the tidbits about this book...I'm looking forward to reading your reviews on the chapters and everything!

  5. OMG, what an amazing deal on the armoire! That's unbelievable. It looks like it's in perfect condition too! Way to go bargain shopper! :) I love yard sales too. Especially for kids clothes. You can find awesome deals and we all know how hard kids can be on clothes! Uh huh!! Why pay full job girl! TTYL

    ((BIG HUGS))

  6. 'Early bird catches the worm' huh? Good job and it is so so so neat and nice.

  7. What a find!! Pass some of that bargain-finding on to me...

    GO GIRL!!! :)

  8. Oh my word. I CANNOT believe that you got that for $20.00!! That is AMAZING! It's so cute too! You did good!!

  9. I'm always amazed at the bargains you guys get there. I think if we had to do garage sales here in SA (which we don't!) we would only get trash lol


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