Monday, June 12, 2006


Since we got rid of Sam we've had to start working on the back yard which was totally destroyed, to the point where we couldn't even go out there anymore. He dug holes, he chewed up the trampoline padding, he tore up the bag for the lawn mower and then there was the constant barking which led to multiple visits by the SP's on base.

When we opened the door to the backyard this weekend and took a step outside it was almost like entering an area devastated by a tornado or nuclear bomb, really, that's how it felt.

Curt and I set to work, at 8am we stepped outside ready for battle. We started by moving the trampoline from the middle of the yard to the far back to give us more room. Then we moved the swing set too. Unbelievable, all of a sudden we had a LOT more yard than we thought. Now because Sam had dug up so many holes and torn out the grass, we were left with a patch of lawn and just dirt all around. We dug all that grass up and all the dirt, and this week we're getting the dirt ready for new grass.

By the time we stopped for the day it was 3:30pm and Curt and I could hardly walk. You don't realize how much work you're doing until you stop and then try to move again. I have pains in muscles I didn't even know existed. To top it off, my wedding rings cut into my finger without me realizing it, so now I have to keep my rings off which is just horrible. I feel absolutely naked without my wedding rings, but what are you gonna do???

So this morning I am soooooo sore. I can hardly walk, my arms are killing me, my lower back is killing me and I'm exhausted LOL

I'll keep you guys posted on our progress and will post pictures of the yard as we move through this huge project. Knowing our luck, the day we finish the yard is the day we get orders somewhere LOL

After stopping for the day, we came inside and everyone showered and dressed and then we sat down to watch a movie. King Arthur!!! LOVED it. We are huge fans of movies like that, medieval, dark ages, you name it. No surprise that our favorite movies are Troy, Alexander, King Arthur, First Knight, Excalibur, The 13th Warrior, Braveheart etc.
You have got to watch King Arthur though, it's just sooooo good. I also watched Tristan and Isolde last night and absolutely loved it too. Beautiful love story!!!

So today I can't be doing much, not being this sore, but I do have the never forgiving "laundry" (if you could see the snarl when I say it).
I plan on updating my food blog and setting up a new one for the Pug girls. I also need to get some graphics done for Lori Foster's store, so I guess I'll be busy at the computer.
One trip to the Airman's Attic later and probably the self help for a carpet cleaner (yet again), since cleaning the back yard and walking back and forth into the house has left my carpet a total disaster.

Well better get my day started if I'm going to get anything done. :)
Have a blessed day!!!


  1. Hey you -- just a quick reach-out. I got a lot of emotions jumbling around today, and if you could say a prayer that I remember the Lord has a plan for me to prosper, and for my heart to be encouraged that he will finish the good work he has begun in D, me, and the both of us, that would be great. I can't describe what's going on inside me today, only that I know more than ever it's not a single thing I do that justifies myself. It's all in the grace of God. And I just pray for His peace today. It's the only way I'll make it through the next 11 months -- or life in entirety!! Thanks, friend.

  2. My prescription for the sore muscles is a long, hot bathtub soak, with a book, tonight after the kids go to bed. Works for me every time!

  3. I agree with the tub soak! I am a bit sore today too, but I am really not sure what I did. We had a birthday party here for my MOm Saturday, but I don't think I did anything too strenous. Oh well, I can't wait to see the finished project!

  4. Oh - I hope you do get to soak in a tub for those muscles. Make sure you post those pictures (perhaps for Tackle it Tuesday?) so we can see your hard work.

    Thanks for dropping by today, despite your busy schedule.

    As for the cell phone - I agree when JAckson is 7 or 8 and out on his own, I might get him one of those kid phones. They are great cause he can't phone his friends - just us and for emergencies. Plus I can reach him.

    But boy would he be annoyed. He would want to be calling his friends!

    Have a great day girl! :)

  5. Oh I'm sorry you are so sore but I'm with ya. I'm just taking a break from yard work. Of course I'm not doing near as much as you did but hey we can still complain together!
    Love ya & relax tonight! (My orders!)

  6. I am another one that agrees with the bath! Asking hubby for a little rub down with some lotion helps too!!!!!

  7. I am another one that agrees with the bath! Asking hubby for a little rub down with some lotion helps too!!!!!

  8. Good for you guys, doing it all yourselves. If it were up to me, I would hire someone, but I'm just lazy. Ain't nuttin wrong with a little elbow grease. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  9. It's just amazing how much of a workout yard work is!

  10. Emily - Done sweet lady :) I've been keeping you in my prayers and I just hope that you start feeling a little better soon :) Remember that God has a plan for us all, and I know he has amazing things planned for you and Dan, he will get you through this hard time, just hold on to the love you both share :) Love ya girl :)

    morning glory - Thank you for the tip, I did that last night and boy did it feel good, it really helped :)

    angie - LOL you know there's days that I don't do anything differently or anything that I would consider hard work, and then I wake up really sore. What's that about?? LOL

    Janice - Yeah Jasmine has already been told that it's not to call friends so she better not even think about it LOL I'm going to keep taking pictures and it will probably be a few weeks before it's ready for Tackle it Tuesday, especially since we have to grow grass out there again LOL

    Courtney - YES MA'M!!!! LOL I did manage to relax last night and it really helped. Hey if you want to complain with me that's fine, I hate doing things alone anyway LOL Love ya :)

    michelle - I did the bath, unfortunately the minute I ask hubby to rub me down with anything, he thinks it's party time LOL

    Stacy - LOL if it were up to me I would also hire someone, but I'm just cheap so I'm doing it myself. LOL

    Mel - Boy ain't that the truth, I'm telling you, there's muscles I didn't know existed LOL

  11. You truly inspire me! You are always go go go! i don't know how you do it with 2 kids! You are always organizing something or taking on these projects! You are awesome!

  12. The meme you tagged me for last week is up today......finally! :)


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