Thursday, July 24, 2008

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Day at the Park!

The weather has been kinda iffy here lately, one day it's really hot and sunny and the next day it's cooler, dark clouds and huge thunderstorms. The kids are having a hard time being cooped up inside the house for so many hours, so it's off to the park when the opportunity arises.

That's what we did this past weekend, I took them to one of the base parks while Curt was on weekend duty.

Not much going on here today, like I said earlier in my Slow Cooking Thursday post, my computer conked out again, I think my hard drive is old and it's starting to go, so next move will be to buy a new one but until then I'll have to put up with this one pms'ing every once in a while.

We went to the library this morning for the reading program and learned about Pollination from one of the base biologists, I have to say that it was interesting but the poor man made it so boring, I may have almost nodded off to sleep a couple times. I feel awful.

Anyway, I'm off to continue messing with the computer and make sure all my stuff is backed up, I've now lost it twice and it's becoming not only frustrating but very annoying.

Hope you're all having a great day, stay cool wherever you are! My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families in Texas who were hit by Dolly and to those in New Hampshire hit by a deadly storm.


  1. Looks like a fun day... I always loved the merry go round best...

    Love the new look!

  2. Hi Sandra,What a lovely new look ;-) Glad that you and the children got out to the library.We're off to the library this afternoon,Great park pictures.Have a great day.

  3. OOOO, love the new look! Very pretty!

    The playground looks fun. When my kids were little we used take them playground hopping, where we'd end up going to several playgrounds in one evening. They thought that was really cool.

  4. I love the new look and these great pictures!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! You have a beautiful blog. I love lazy days at the park!

  6. Oh and where's your tag list? LOL not nagging... ;)

  7. It looks like it was a nice day for the park; hope it wasn't too hot!

  8. Hi Sandra,
    I love all the playground photo's. I will be doing that soon they grow so fast. I think I'll need to be checking out your slow cooker Thursdays recipes. I am keeping my grandbaby 2 days a week now along with the ministry work I do so my lifestyle is changing!
    Thank you for coming by and saying Hi. I love comments.
    I'll be back over.
    BTW I'll be posting Show and Tell tomorrow and on Sat. My dog Daisy does a Doggie Bloggie post. Come by and see us.

  9. I love the new look! The day in the park looks great fun for all of you. And that sun really looks wonderful. I had a heat pad on my feet yesterday.

  10. We go to the park alot actually. And Miller loves it....the slides the swings....he loves all of it. Great pictures.

  11. I love the new look to your blog. Looks like you and the kids had a great day.

  12. Looks like you had a great day at the park. Your pictures are always so great!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Oh & your new layout here is so pretty=)

  13. Nice look for your Blog:) I've been going back and reading your Africa posts and enjoying them very much. Good luck with the computer stuff. Ugh. I am sooo bad at figuring out computer stuff, so I just pray a lot.

  14. Sandra its been nice to catch up here. The kids look like they are having so much fun. Look at those beautiful green eyes of your daughter's....she has the most fabulous colouring!!


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