Saturday, July 19, 2008

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Inexpensive Fun!

Welcome to Fighter Country

I'm all for the kind of fun that drains your body but not your wallet. Let's face, nowadays it's very hard to find that isn't it? Even if you happen upon a great place to visit, chances are you're driving there and just the gas alone will kill you.

But I found that if I just look around the area I live, there's tons of things to do within walking distance....and for free. Yes I know, the heat is a killer but today we found ourselves in an uncommonly cloudy, breezy and not hot day. Saying that as I type this in Arizona is bound to raise some eyebrows, maybe ya'll think I lost my mind or I'm pulling your leg. No, really, I'm being truthful.

Curt had weekend duty, if you're military you know all about those, the guys get stuck going in to work on saturday and sunday at least once a month. If they're lucky and it's just something simple, they get to be home after lunch, but there's been those weekends when a Jet was broken and had to fly the next week and they ended up at work saturday and sunday for 12 to 13 hours.

And I realize I just completely went off subject LOL Anyway, let's Curt is on weekend duty today, he was home after lunch but he is still on standby and has to stay near a phone. So I grabbed the kids and went across the base, to the Aircraft Park, it's one of those places that the kids just love going and I for one enjoy looking at the aircraft up close and personal.

They never tire of touching Palm Trees, it's like their favorite thing to do

North American AT-6 'Texan'

Republic F-84F 'Thunderstreak' SN: 52-6782

North American F-100C 'Super Sabre'

McDonnell-Douglas F-15B 'Eagle' SN: 73-0108

Medal of Honor Memorial for World War I and World War II

Medal of Honor Memorial for Korean War and Vietnam War

Base Chapel is just across the street from the Aircraft Park

Lockheed T-33A 'Shooting Star'

Deep in concentration as they read the dedication on this rock

So next time your kids tell you that they're bored and you want to do something cheap inexpensive, look no further than the area surrounding you, chances are there's something in the neighborhood or base that you can enjoy with the kids, all you need is a willing heart and a camera in your hand. Go for it, I dare you to find something fun close by.


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  1. This looks like the kind of thing my hubby and son could do for hours. They both love all things to do with planes and the military.

  2. Sandra,thank you for sharing these photos with us. I think I would enjuot myself aroungd those planes as well.

  3. love when you take pics..looks like the kids had a nice time..

  4. we have a static display with a bunch of planes too - really close to our side of housing and Kayla likes talking walks to see the airplanes as well - it is a fun thing to do :)

  5. My kids favorite planes where the huge cargo planes. They loved walking through them.

    Jasmine looks like quite the little model in some of those pictures! :v)

  6. That looks like a great afternoon out and even better that it was free!

  7. Sandra that is what I love about military bases - there is usually plenty to do and less costly than in the outside world, even if it's just bowling or movies and there are always museums, tributes and interesting things if you look hard enough.

  8. My boys would so love this. What kid doesn't love military stuff, especially planes. Great idea looking close to home.

  9. Jasmine is quite the picture poser! You may have a future model on your hands.

  10. My kids LOVE static displays also. They haven't really experienced life on a base - since we were living away from one while Daniel was recruiting - so now everything on base is exciting and fun to them.

    We, as Air Force families, have so much available to us. It's amazing how many wonderful opportunities there are on and around base. I so appreciate military discounts and also the free or reduced tickets for museums etc. we can take advantage of.

    Those kids of yours... too cute!! I love the picture of the two of them in deep concentration.



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