Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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Mmmmmm Orange Cake!

You know in the time it takes you to read this post and go check out the recipe, you could have had this cake baking in the oven and you could be literally drooling at the scent of orange that fills your home.

I promised you the recipe earlier and I figured that since I'm having a slice of this yumminess (yes I know it's not a word lol) right now, I should do the friendly thing and give you the recipe, in case one of you gets the citrusy yearning going on and decides to make one tonight too.

I bet you have all the ingredients at hand and it's super simple and super quick to make. I wouldn't steer you wrong would I?


  1. It is now 6 something in the morning, and I have been drooling over your recipe! I absolutely have to make this today. I will probably have to be restrained from eating the whole thing too. Sigh. Thanks!

  2. Yumminess has GOT to be a word. I'm lost without it.

    By the way, that cake is utter yumminess.

  3. Oh that looks so good. It's so easy too. Can't wait to try this!

  4. now I have the hey I gotta have that!
    that's mt story and i'm sticking to it. Hugs and blessings

  5. This cake was so good. You inspired me to make a dessert for dinner tonight. I stopped after work and bought oranges. It smelled delicious cooking. We all loved it. Huge hit!


    (Top half broke and stayed in my bundt pan...but I took one for the team and ate it out of there with the icing of course)


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