Sunday, July 20, 2008

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I apologize to my plants!

I'm just gonna throw it out there already, because I think they deserve the apology ahead of time. After this post, I don't know why on earth I would go and buy plants/flowers...see how ignorant I am when it comes to these things?

Maybe that's one of the reasons they die on me, I probably call them by the wrong name and I guess there's only so much an innocent plant/flower can take.

While out yesterday I went by the BX and saw that they had a huge table right at the entrance, it was overloaded with all sorts of plants/flowers (I'm embarrassing myself at this point, I know) on sale. I couldn't help myself, I think it's the nurturing spirit in me wanting to reach I'm hoping and praying I do it right this time and keep these babies alive.

Without further ado, the newest members of the family:

Bamboo...Ok, I admit, I can actually keep bamboo alive, as a matter of fact I brought with me the ones from Idaho and they're still alive and thriving.

Medicinal Aloe, I figure if nothing else, I can use it for burns and to relieve itching from bug bites etc.

Anthuriums....what can I say, I love them, they're beautiful. Let's just hope I keep it alive.


and some more Euphorbia
I'm giggling because Curt asked me if I was going to remove the name tags and I looked at him like he grew a second head. "Are you kidding me? I need all the help I can get and even so, I will probably botch it up somehow".


I just mailed off my 3 Netflix movies and I truly enjoyed every single one, two of them I just absolutely loved.

The Nanny Diaries - It was a cute movie, definitely a chick flick.
The Inheritance - *sigh* What can I say other than it's a Louisa May Alcott movie? It's romantic and it's my kind of movie.
Under the Greenwood Tree - Another great movie, loved it.

What's next on the list? The Robin Hood Series.

Alright, I'm out, I'm taking the kids to the park, they're hyper and antsy because we've had thunderstorms for the past 2 days, which means being stuck in the house, which means being bored, which means they've watched all the tv and movies they could handle, which means they are now starting to bicker, which means it's making my eye twitch, which means it's time to hit the get what I'm saying right???? LOL

Have a great day, I'll be back tomorrow, or later with pictures.


  1. I take the tags and tape them into a small notebook and keep it nearby for reference! I too have a black thumb and am hoping to get a few tomatoes off of a plant I bought this spring! It's my only goal!

  2. The plants are beautiful! You'll have to give us progress reports. I can't keep anything alive in the house - It's lots easier outside.

  3. I'm totally with you on the plant thing. I have a really hard time too.

    We actually have had a couple of days where we do not have thunderstorms brewing by afternoon. It's hot, hot, hot here today!

  4. It's hard with plants and busy lives ;) and glad to hear that you liked the nanny diaries.must rent that one.have a great evening.

  5. Your plants are beautiful! I have a complete 'black thumb' . . . I would love to have more plants around . . . but NO MATTER what I do they die :(

  6. Those look like pretty hardy plants so maybe they will not die.

    I've never heard of Under the Greenwood Tree, but I may have to rent it.

    We don't get stuck in the house much from thunderstorms, but sometimes from the heat which I know you know what that's like too. Luckily we have a short summer vacation here because I am sure my kids would die of boredom if they were home too long. School starts July 28.

  7. Thanks for the heads up on Netflix, I was just about to go update our queue and love someone else giving me a list of a few good ones to add. I also saw that you have Planes, Trains and Automobiles on your profile. I'd never seen it and we watched it this weekend - a funny, and sweet movie.

  8. Gorgeous plants! Have fun keeping them alive! I know I'd have trouble . . .

  9. Gorgeous plants! Have fun keeping them alive! I know I'd have trouble . . .

  10. I can keep my plants at work alive, but the ones at home always seem to give up on me eventually. I don't think they get enough sunlight during the winter months

  11. My poor plants.Really, the only ones I can manage indoors are those "air lants: and then the Lucky bamboo, that just stays in the water... Great photos..

  12. I'm a self confessed aloe killer-I over water it. I hope yours does well! They all are pretty-those sale tables kill me! My boys love The Robin Hood series! I do too-its clean:)


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