Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Library Summer Reading Program!

One of the best things that could have happened to me was to walk into the library 3 weeks ago, without even realizing that I was stepping into the last few minutes of the kick off to the Summer Reading Program. Right then and there I signed up Jasmine and Nicholas and we embarked on this book reading journey....little did I know that it would become one of their favorite things and that Thursdays were now the most anticipated day of the week.

The first week they had a Worm Farm come around, the kids got to hold the worms and learn about them, they loved it.....unfortunately like I said, we had come in right at the end so mine didn't get to participate but they still caught a glimpse of the huge, gross adorable worms.

Last week as I mentioned in an earlier post, we had a local school teacher who is also an author, come in and talk about her book and read a little to the kids, then at the end they made a craft. Again, a success with the kids!

But today was more than the kids could have wished for. They knew that it would be fun again but they had NO idea that the Wildlife World Zoo would be at the library with a few critters for them to see. I knew this but kept it from them, all I said was that it was going to be awesome and they would love should have seen their faces when they realized what was happening.

Before I show you the photos I took this morning, I have to tell you that for me the most rewarding part of this Reading Program, is the fact that I now get to witness my children enjoying books, not just reading them because I ask them to or tell them that it's good for them, they read them because they WANT to. That's something!
So if anything, I highly recommend the library reading programs, I'm sure there's one at your local library and if there is, sign up the kids, I promise you will have just as much fun as they do.

Eagerly awaiting the first critter....

Our friendly Zoo Keeper Josh started by pulling out two yucky cute Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. I'm sorry, I'm all for animals but if there's one thing that makes my skin crawl, it's BUGS. Ewwwwwwww

And I really don't want to hear about how they hiss through all these tiny holes in their body, or how some people eat them because they're so nutritious. Quite frankly, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. GROSS!

I wasn't grossed out enough so he brings out a Corn Snake. YIPPEE! (not)

I thought only bugs made my skin crawl but the whole time he was holding that snake, I got shivers up and down my spine, especially when he says "take a look at her tongue, it keeps shooting out, you see that?"

YES Josh, I see it, I don't want to see it but I do...thanks for pointing it out. LOL

Of course the kids were happy with the snake. What is it with kids and nasty creepy crawlers?

NOW was the part I enjoyed. Josh the Zoo Keeper reached into this little cage and brought out Sniffles..... the cutest, tiniest little hedgehog.

Then out came the starfish which is not even on display at the zoo yet, as a matter of fact it was the first time it had been out of the zoo. This starfish along with a ton of other sea creatures are going to be at display when the new Aquarium opens up at the Wildlife World Zoo, sometime this winter.

See that little dot in the middle??? I put an arrow on there for you so you can find it easily...that's it's mouth. Who knew?

The last animal was Faith, the Macaw. She was just stunning!

Did you know that their beaks are so powerful they can crush the bones in your fingers? Did you also know that they act like two year olds and never grow out of it? They throw tantrums when they don't get things their way? LOL

Faith also left a poopy surprise on the library carpet....much to the kids delight and the embarassment of Josh the keeper dude. The one that likes to taunt moms with nasty bugs and snake tongues. Just saying!

Actually he was very friendly and very sweet to the kids and he taught them a LOT.

Time to say goodbye to Faith, she was back safe in her cage but I didn't like the way she was eying Jasmine's little thinks she wanted to nibble LOL

She really liked Jasmine, I'm wondering if it was the red hair, the macaw must have wondered if she was related since she had beautiful red feathers LOL

Josh the Keeper said goodbye to everyone, answered a few questions and then handed out some brochures and free passes for the kids. They're good forever....that's right FOREVER!
So now we have 6 free passes for the kids, 3 each and only Curt and I pay, it's only $16.99. Good deal I think!

We also picked up some books on the way out, for me I got:

Where Yesterday Lives by Karen Kingsbury
Fame by Karen Kingsbury (this is the first book in the Firstborn series, I have the rest on hold for me)
Table for Five by Susan Wiggs

The kids got:

  1. Lara's Hats
  2. Spiders
  3. Insects
  4. Spotted Beetles
  5. I love you so much
  6. Rhyme Time Valentine
  7. Creepy Crawly Catterpillars
  8. Where on Earth is my Bagel?
  9. Newt
  10. Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea
  11. What Mommies do Best

And that was our morning, I made a quick stop at the post office to mail off Courtney's magnet and a package for Jasmine's best friend back in Idaho and now we're home.

My house is clean, I just have to put away the clean dishes in the dishwasher and then I'm off to start on my prim stitchery project. It's for my bedroom and I got the idea from Leslie over at My Country Home. I'll let you all see once I've started...who knows, I may be finished by tonight LOL

BTW if you're looking for the Slow Cooking Thursday post, it's just below this one.


  1. Oh I love this... anything that gets kids interested in reading is great in my book...

    Cockroaches creep me out! We lived in the Philippines for a few years and they are EVERYWHERE there!

  2. Wow, what a great program.

    Our library is doing bugs in their summer reading program and my kids love it too. I just love the library.

  3. Animals in the library?! What is this world coming too?! Looks like fun, though.

  4. We do alot of the library but Miller wont sit during the storytime...we have tried it. madison always enjoyed it though.

  5. We do alot of the library but Miller wont sit during the storytime...we have tried it. madison always enjoyed it though.

  6. this was an interesting say the least, I enjoyed your photos.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Hugs and Blessings.

  7. It looks like a great program.
    You'll love the Fame series and probably won't get much done while reading them. They just suck you in!

  8. So glad the Keep Dude had some non crawling things to show!!!!

    'Miss' Mari-Nanci
    {Yes, I am channeling my inner "Southern Lady Of A Certain Age"!!! Gonna' call myself "Miss Mari-Nanci" from now on. If I can't get people up here, to call me that, I shall call myself that! So there!!!} :-)
    Smilnsigh blog

  9. Yay reading! It's the greatest!

    We were supposed to go to the library today but baby's nap time interfered.

    Also, we owe $17.01 in late fees (embarrassing...) - so much for the library being free LOL

    Love your blog!


  10. How fun! All except the bugs. I can pass on the bugs. *Shudder*

  11. Okay, you are the mother that I wished I would have been when my kids were little! You have time to read, take your kids to great places and do wonderful activities with them, and you make delicious meals and desserts, and have time for three blogs. You are amazing!

  12. My boys would so have loved that...especially the bugs!

    Saw you somewhere - lost in blogworld. Great blog!

  13. definately creepy crawlies. bugs are ew, indeed. :)

    but the macaw and hedgehog make it worthwhile!!! :)


  14. We've done the reading program before too! It is fun. I am heading down to look at your slow cooking post!

  15. Ohhhh, the starfish & cute little hedgehog would've been so fun to see in real life! The bird...not so much. Birds are my enemies! They always dive-bomb me when I'm out running. You're such a good mom. I kept looking at the schedule for the reading program and never actually doing anything about it...

    ...but you're awesome!

  16. Sandra, what a fantastic experience...the whole reading program gets two thumbs up....the cockroaches and the corn snake however...I am with you...begone with them!

    Isn't it a great way to get kids interested in reading....showing them the world of books and all that opens up.

    This is such a happy post. So glad your housework is all done,you got some new books to read, and time to stitch and sew. You are having a very good week!

    P.s. I think you are right about Faith and the red hair..too funny!

  17. This is coming to our library as well!

    Sandra, I loved the header you did for my church blog. If you are interested in making a new one for me, please email me. Read here to see why I need a new one. Thanks so much!

  18. Our library is so lame. I still love it though & it's a heckuva lot closer than yours!


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