Friday, July 18, 2008

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How does your garden grow???

I've always said that I don't have a green thumb, it's more like a "thumb of death" because any flower or plant that I come in contact with, ends up dead. It's a sad thing, especially for a girl who would LOVE to have a garden with beautiful flowers or herbs. So when my beautiful lemon tree started falling apart, literally, I was and am really sad, but for once I realized it wasn't my fault....I had NOTHING to do with that and that's a great feeling LOL

But you know that the Lord is wonderful and just when you think that something is completely destroyed, He comes along and shows you that there's always new beginnings. Kinda like when you're going through a really tough patch in your life and you're thinking that everything is over and there's no way that you could get past it and then you realizing that there's a silver lining, an open door you completely missed.

When I walked out into the backyard yesterday and saw that yet another branch of the tree had come down on it's own, at first I was heartbroken, here was this amazing tree just falling apart, but as I started walking around it to try and understand why it was happening, my eye caught glimpses of new beginnings. It was like the Lord was showing me that "Hey, see this awful branch torn off? But look at what is around it"

So I'm showing you, who knows, maybe it will mean nothing to some of you, maybe it will give you hope if you're going through a hard time, or maybe just maybe it will make you look at sad times as new beginnings. If nothing else, it will show you beautiful nature at work.

Talk about amazing, those little green shots growing out of nowhere

This is the branch from the first part of the tree that fell off, you can see how it snapped right off there. But look at the green shoots coming up around the ugly break.

Second branch that broke off surrounded by green shoots. Let me tell you, they smell heavenly, if you've never smelled a lemon tree plant/flower, you don't know what you're missing.

Nicholas had a good time stepping between the broken branch and trying to figure out how it came down

Then because you can never have one sibling do something without the other getting to do it too, it was Jasmine's turn to go exploring.

HEY, let go of that lemon, don't you dare pull it off the tree.....Caught in the act!

Look how tiny those little buds are? I'm in awe!

Miss Bella and Miss Lola sat the door and watched us, not quite sure what we were doing to the tree.

So how does YOUR garden grow??? And just how do you ladies keep such beautiful plants alive? I've seen your blogs, I've seen your photos and I can't believe that I am the only "thumb of death" out there. What's the easiest plant to keep alive? Give me advice, please, anything, I just want to grow a garden! *stomps foot*


  1. I am the same exact way..."can't keep anything alive, quite sad rally!!" Your not alone...and if you get any tips please send them my way....

    But let me tell you, those "tree pictures" are really cute and so lovely to look at. I am so glad you gave it a shot by the tree..:-)!!


  2. I'm glad that you lemon tree is showing some new growth - I hope it keeps going!
    I think it's probably a lot harder to grow things in Arizona with the heat and dry conditions. If your move goes through - maybe you'll have better luck!

  3. That is really something that branches can be falling off but there is new life as well.
    Is there any chance that this is normal for lemon trees?
    I hope it keeps improving!

  4. Mari - Sad thing is that no matter where I am I can't grow anything LOL I tried back in Idaho and had the same problem LOL

  5. We did our first veggie garden this year....and we have done really well with it...squash, tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, bell peppers....sweet potatoes and bibb lettuce. It has all done well. Scott however waters everything in the early morning. Everyday. i pick dead stuff off everything every night....that is how things live around here I guess...I would love to have a lemon tree though.

  6. I have a death thumb too. I attempted a garden this year and it flopped, totally! I purchased some hanging baskets and they are dying too! The only time my plants stayed alive is when I lived next door to a plant maniac, I think she watered and took care of my stuff for me!

  7. The only thing I seem to be able to keep alive is WEEDS. The pictures of the lemon tree coming back are encouraging! My husband and kids have a little potted garden on the back deck - it's just tomatoes and zucchini but so far they're alive! Notice how I'm not involved though LOL... Where we live, the deer are relentless, just ate all the hosta again this year sigh... no matter what we put on it, they get used to it.

    Kids look great! Have a great weekend -


  8. What a lovely analogy and lesson, Sandra! I love when the Lord teaches us things through everyday nature.

    LOL to the looks on the Pugs faces. Too funny!

    I have a black thumb too, unfortunately. Around here it's survival of the fittest! The easiest plant to grow in my experience? The weed! I can't get rid of those for nothing! LOL.

  9. For me the only plants to survive are the plastic ones and even those are sometimes covered in dust LOL

  10. You have NO idea how much I needed to read the parable of the broken lemon tree today, Sandra. Thank you.

  11. And your children are absolutely beautiful!

  12. I wonder if the limbs on your tree need to be propped up. I don't know anything about lemon trees but I do know that with some fruit trees (like peaches,) you have to prop up the limbs with 2x4's because they get too heavy with fruit.
    As far as the new's just like when God prunes us. It's always painful but until the old wood is cut, the new can't sprout.
    Hope this helps!!

  13. -hehhh- My way of having pretty flowers about, is to be married to someone who loves to garden. :-))))

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    When Twilight Embraces

  14. Sandra, the miracle of the lemon tree......God works wonders....your analogy is a very good one. I'm so happy to see that this tree is a fighter and will live to see another day/year/season!

    I have smelled orange tree leaves, they are wonderful, but I have never smelled lemon trees. I should have when I was around some in Greece, many moons ago.....why didn't I when I had the chance?

    I am probably at least 2,000 miles away from the nearest lemon tree, where I am now!

    As for gardening tips, I am pretty new to the whole 'keeping a garden' thing. I water faithfully and I talk to my plants. It usually works (so far!). However I have had no luck with the parsley I idea why, or what to do......its dying very fast...

  15. By the way, your pugs are just too cute...I'm sure I've told you this before....

  16. "I am the vine and you are the branches", so true and what a great analogy you have posted. Pruning is always painful. I hope you will still get lemons off the new growth. I have some plants but don't do anything special to them just water and feed with miracle grow once a month

  17. No, you're not the only one with a black thumb. The only houseplants I've had any luck with are African violets and it's because I have these special 'pot within a pot' for them. You fill the bottom one with water and a bit of food and set the one with the plant inside it.

    I've also had tremendous luck with rosebushes. But vegetables -- forget it!

    How lovely that you have a lemon tree:)

  18. What cool pics. And really, what an amazing illustration of what God can do!

    I seem to kill all houseplants except a few. I haven't had a garden or outdoor plants for years, so we'll see what happens once I'm on our property and doing it all again.

  19. Truth be told I suck. No other way to pretty this one up. My mom gave me an ivy years ago, she said the woman at the flower shop said it was impossible to kill this type of ivy, it only took me about 2 weeks.

  20. Those little green sprouts are amazing, Sandra! I seem to do well with outside plants ( I don't have a secret...just luck! LOL), but inside I definitely have the "thumb of death!"

  21. I too have been unable to learn how to be a green thumb. And living in military housing doesn't help that since you are really limited in experimenting. We actually paid a landscaper to put plants outside our current house and told him to make them easy and killproof as possible because I am clueless. He did a good job! I've only lost 2 things!

  22. What a great post!! I enjoy reading your blog...

  23. thats amazing..I have a bamboo plant that was getting really bad..i was so sad about it, cause i love plants..One day i was looking at it, and i saw a little sprout coming up...I was so happy to see its growing and i love it..

  24. oh man, i forgot to say..I love the pic of the pugs..You never have pics of those adorable doggies..

  25. What a neat phenomenom. I haven't seen anything like that before.
    Have you ever tried growing mint? That takes effort to kill!

  26. hi Sandra, we are having a lousy summer so far but I will post some pics on my blog ok.. oh sorry and my daughter Tanyas flowers now she is the one with the green thumb i tell ya, i'm just keeping up the flowers of the people who used to live in this house.. make sure you read my blog ok sueakanana thanks

  27. These are GREAT shots of the kids!

  28. Perfect! God knows what He's doing ALL the time! We're the ones trying to figure it out! I LOVE YOUR PUGS!


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