Friday, July 25, 2008

# South Africa

Reconnecting - Part 10

Are you up for more of our trip to the Kruger National Park? We left off the other night after having some smores didn't we?

Well it's early morning the next day and we're off to visit some of the other campgrounds in the park. One of the things I love about the Kruger is that you don't need to go far to see animals, as a matter of fact, chances are that the minute you leave the gate of your camp you will see something.

Just around the corner from the gate we happened upon these baboons, they were moving all over the road and being very protective and at first we didn't know why....

This was the reason why.....see the little one holding on to the back of the mommy? It was a newborn, he was still wet

Not long after we came upon these beautiful elephants...I love elephants but they are one of those animals that you need to respect, especially in an open environment like the Kruger Park, there have been many case where people find out the hard way just how deadly these animals can be

Love this one, I actually have it as my desktop background right now

Can you see those elephants in the distance? They were taking a bath, you can see they are completely wet

This giraffe was thirsty, it was so funny watching her drink water, I actually filmed a little video and will upload it for you

The first camp we arrived at was Skukuza. I have such fond memories of being here when I was a child, it was one of our favorite campgrounds.
The rondavels (houses) we used to stay in, I had to take a photo to show you all
The main store on the camp, it's huge and it has food and souvenirs and all sorts of stuff

Nicholas and Taryn-Lee enjoying the ride while we waited for everyone to get out of the store so we could go eat

There is a restaurant and it's surrounded by these thatched areas with tables and chairs, that's where we had lunch

It was great, only problem is that the roof was covered in bats. Yeah you heard right....BATS! Live ones too, they didn't bother me because I know they're nocturnal LOL But the kids couldn't stop staring at them, I guess they were scared that they would swoop down at some point

Grandma Odete, Tiffany, Taryn-Lee
Jasmine, Tiffany, Taryn-Lee, Curt and my Dad

My how all the open cans have napkins folded over them...there were so many bees around there and the kids were terrified

You can also eat at one of these tables which is overlooking the little river

On the way back to our camp, it's very common to have to constantly stop so that a group of animals can get across, and they take their sweet time too LOL
A Zebra just off the road

I love these guys, these are the Great Kudu, I just love the markings on the body and in their ears
One of the hardest animals to spot are the Rhinoceros, but we were lucky enough to see this one close to our campgrounds
Now THAT is a huge herd of elephants

And that concluded that day, we arrived back at Berg-en-Dal camp at about 5:30pm which is cutting it close to the time the gates close. You do NOT want to be stuck out there at night!

Tomorrow I'll take you to Crocodile Bridge and Lower Sabie're going to love them. In the meantime, how about you look at this photo and imagine how amazing it must be to stay there for a week or two.


  1. I'm so ready to book a trip to South Africa now....

  2. I wish i could've gone with you!!! it looks like you guys had soo much fun!! :):)

    as for my blog...weren't you guys on your trip?? i didn't want to bother people with it, really. i wish i had though, the support has really helped me cope better than i was keeping it all inside.

    anyways....jasmine and nicholas are so lucky!! i bet their classmates are all jealous!! im sure it was exciting for all of you, what wonderful animals! :)


  3. I remember Skukuza well! And Olifants too. Did you go there?

  4. that is so amazing! wow! i loved the baboons, too, btw. instincts are incredible- amazing to see him hangin' on like that!


  5. I am just loving your trip pictures, the only things missing are the sounds & smells. If I ever get the chance to go to S Africa I want to go to Kruger.

    Cute new design - love the flower & your pic is sweet & sassy!

  6. I think the elephants would be my favorite.

    Not the bees for sure. :-)

    The last place... to stay... that has to be up on stilts, yes?

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    When Twilight Embraces

  7. What's the matter with me?!? {doing on of those 'You could have had a V-8' slaps to my forehead!} I wanted to say how I love it that you are unleashing your inner "Soft Pink Girl"!!!

    Love the new look. And this is 2 pinks in a row!!!!! :-)

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    When Twilight Embraces

  8. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. I especially loved the baboons walking down the street and the BATS! Have a great weekend.

  9. Wow, Sandra... what a neat vacation spot! Thanks for sharing the pictures - I really enjoyed it.

  10. Well, it would be my hubby that would be staring and wary of the bats, not the kids. LOL.

  11. This is fascinating. So different in every respect from what I know...being city bred in North America. I am learning from your tour...I thought elephants were gentle, I didn't know they could be harmful....

    That baby baboon---so cute!! Same with the elephant that is your desktop background....guess what, I enlarged and made it mine too!

    I honestly don't think I could sit there and eat with all those bats on the ceiling above me. Quite unnerving....ditto the, there is a *Lot* of wildlife in Africa!

  12. those bats would have totally freaked me out - nocturnal or not LOL I can't believe how close you're able to get to some of the animals!


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