Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Days!

A couple of you asked what her name would be if she was a dinosaur.....the t-shirt I made for her says "If I was a dinosaur my name would be........Jasminesaurus (Jas-min-sau-rus) LOL

I had her draw a picture of a dinosaur and I uploaded that graphic to Cafepress and made the t-shirt, it's really cute and Nicholas has one that says "If I was a dinosaur my name would be......Nenesaurus (Nee-Nee-sau-rus) LOL

No time for chatting, we're enjoying the fresh air, the warm weather and the energy exuding from little bodies as they scramble to get in all the fun before school starts in two weeks.


  1. Looks like some serious FUN!! Enjoy your last few days before the hustle and bustle of the little ones going back to school;-))

    Big Hugs to you and the kids!!

  2. Are those current pictures? Jasmines hair looks much longer than the last pics of her haircut.
    What a beautiful bright blue sky!

  3. I don't want school to start again! :( Zachary's entering the gifted program at his school, which is scary to me. I hope it helps challenge him!

    Joshua will be in 2nd grade, and Sarah and Gabriel will be in 1st! It seems like only yesterday we were going to the base school together to drop off Jasmine and Zachary with their shakey knees, and now look how they've blossomed!

    We must count ourselves among the blessed that our children are as amazing as they are! We miss you guys so much!! We're saving up for a move though! Watch your neighborhood! *snicker*


  4. Hi Sandra,
    When I look at all the gorgeous delicious food on your blogs, I wonder why you don't weigh 400 pounds at least. I think I've gained weight just looking at the pictures and drooling a little.

  5. those dandelion pictures are too cool! and i adore her red hair! i kinda want to know what her name would be if she were a dinosaur...the suspense is killing me!


  6. The dandelion pictures are gorgeous. What is Jasmine's Dinosaur name????? inquiring minds would like to know LOL.The pool looks so inviting you don't mind three other guests do you??

  7. I love these photos, Sandra. Perfect summertime fun photos.

    And I love this new design too, maybe best of all the designs you've ever done.

  8. Gorgeous photos. Jasmine looks beautiful with straightened hair and curly, she's so lucky to have such gorgeous hair. Lol if I don't straighten mine it looks like a bird's nest!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm doing a blog share this time with a couple of friends from church - lol maybe they'll stop me getting a hormonal blog deleting fit this time!! LOL.

    Love n' hugs xx

  9. Those are really cute pictures. I especially like the dandelion one. Those dinosaur shirts are cute too.

  10. I love that idea!

  11. Great pictures! It looks like you all are having loads of fun. ~Wendi

  12. Wow another new look and the kids are obviously having a ball. Love the shirts too!!

  13. Great pictures of your summertime fun, Sandra! I love the dandelion!

  14. Your kids are sooo cute! Looks like they're having an awesome time!

  15. Cute pictures! The pool is the only place outside I'd want to be now with our 100 degree temps! It's hard to believe school is starting so soon, where did the summer go.

  16. The kids look adorable. Cute shirt! I'm so glad ya'll can use your trampoline!

    I hope it warms up a bit today so Olyvia and I can go play outside.

    Oh, I made your crepes yesterday. Super Yummy!

  17. Great pictures of the kids doing their thing for the summer. I loved them.

  18. That blue water pool looks so inviting! Your kids are doing what all kids should do in the summertime...playing outdoors or getting books at the library...that pretty much sums up my childhood summers too. Of course the trip to South Africa was the highlight no contest!

  19. Aw, they are just too cute and I love the tshirts!!! I love Jasmine's hair's so pretty!!! :)


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