Wednesday, July 23, 2008

# South Africa

Reconnecting - Part 9

I left off yesterday right after lunch, we all were just hanging around, napping and relaxing. After an hour or two we decided to go take a walk on the Rhino Trail, the kids were dying to go so we set off, all of us except grandma, the walking would have been too much for her so she offered to stay behind and get dinner started.

Right across from the camp, on the other side of the river we watched this huge elephant walking around

I hate lizards but these guys were beautiful

This one especially, how stunning are the colors?

Some turtles on a log

The trail had a whole bunch of skulls from different animals

The kids were fascinated by these

The rangers have a wonderful job at the park but they also risk their lives daily and unfortunately some end up loosing those lives doing what they love best

We knew it was time to head back to the house when these guys showed up...every day around 4pm they would just appear out of the trees and take over the whole park. They may seem very friendly and cute but you do NOT want to mess with them.

Let's head to the Berg-En-Dal camp's actually really nice out there and it was right across the street from our houses.
Miss Jasmine posing as usual
Mr Nicholas...he wasn't quite sure what to make of it. For those that don't know, my kids can't swim, they were supposed to go to swim lessons this summer but by the time we returned from South Africa they were fully booked, now we have to wait until next year....

My niece Tiffany swimming like a fish
My nephew Dylan having a blast in the cold water

My niece Taryn-Lee, we have another poser in the family, her and Jasmine are definitely related LOL

I love this one

Nicholas was fascinated with the droplets of water falling from the rock

All tired out and hungry, time to head back to the house for a BBQ and some smores. You know back in South Africa they don't know what Smores are, so we introduced them to it and they loved it.

The night ended with sleeping kids and the adults sitting outside in the darkness, with the moonlight and the stars keeping us company. The sky was absolutely gorgeous, you could an infinite number of stars and nebulas. We sipped on Amarula and caught up on the last 10 years of our lives, we laughed and joked and had a wonderful time.....then we headed to bed because the next morning we were jumping in the cars and going to Crocodile Bridge and Lower Sabie Camps for a visit.


  1. I always forego the chocolate and graham crackers for gooey fluffy marshmallow deliciousness! :)

    When we lived in the Philippines there were always reports of people being attacked by monkeys. Tourists just didn't understand how vicious something so small and cute could be. Love the pics... Ephelants are my favorites (I know I spelled it goofy, that's what we always called them)

  2. Ah - the amarula!

    Some gorgeous posers in your family! Sounds and looks like an awesome time!

  3. Another great installment - love all the photos :)

  4. great pics of all the family..

  5. That is the most awesome pool. You know in Germany it was like this,not just put a regular old pool in, but make it look natural. I just love the pictures of the kids enjoying this. Boy are they going to miss these days. Smored!!!!!!!!!yumm-o!!!!!!!

  6. That lizard was beautiful! (For a lizard!) What a neat pool, with the unusual shape and the rocks.

  7. The pictures on your last 2 posts have been great! I love the giraffe and elephant ones, and the sunrise is so pretty...looks like a spectacular trip!

  8. I grew up in SA, Sandra. And spent the first 35 years of my life there!
    I read all your reconnecting posts - wonderful! My home was in Cape Town, but my family and friends are now in the 4 corners of the globe. But that does make travelling exciting! I have not been in SA since 2002.

  9. I'm not a lizard fan either, but that one was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  10. what wonderful pics you got to capture this trip. It was kind of sad to see a ciggarett butt in the pic with the lizard though; I'm surprised smoking is allowed in the animal park.


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