Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm glad it's friday!

Not much has been going on here, other than the fact that I woke up yesterday morning feeling so sick, stomach cramps and nauseated etc. Thankfully the stomach thing seems to have gone but I still feel like I have to throw up all the time. Hopefully it goes away soon.

Even though I felt awful today, I spent the afternoon in the kitchen, baking. 48 cupcakes!

It's our little man's birthday tomorrow, I can't believe he's turning 6 years old, where did my little baby go? So, I made 24 cupcakes for him to take to school this morning and then another 24 for us at home, it's only fair right?

The kids got to decorate them which was a huge help for me. Tomorrow will be a full day of celebration, it will start with a special breakfast of Pumpkin Pancakes which Nicholas loves, opening presents and then we'll be doing whatever the little man wants to.

We have this tradition on birthdays, the kids get to pick whatever they want to do, within the realm of possibility of course, they pick what they want to eat for dinner, what kind of cake mommy bakes (I've ALWAYS baked their cakes, since their first birthday) and whatever activities we do.

So this is what he wants:

  • Pizza from Pizza Hut
  • Play Rock Band with the family
  • Play Super Mario Party 8 with the family
  • Play GI Joe's with daddy and sister
  • Go to the park

No birthday party, no big hoopla. Just a day of fun "6 year old" style. It makes me smile because it's so simple but yet it's the things that he loves and make him happy, and that's what we want.

I snapped some pics of the kids yesterday, they were wearing their new t-shirts from the Kruger National Park, and they wanted to show Tita. Excuse me while I switch to Portuguese for a second LOL

Nela, aqui estao os miudos com as t-shirts que envias-te. Adoraram e vestiram logo no mesmo dia para a escola. Beijocas!

We're gearing up for Easter on Sunday, I'm going to do a little Egg Hunt here at home as it seems we'll be getting rain this weekend. We'll also decorate eggs and enjoy a delicious Mustard Glazed Ham and a lot more yummy goodness.

But for me, the best part is watching Jesus of Nazareth. I watch it every single year and it never gets old, it always warms my heart and it always brings tears to my eyes. It also makes me think of home and my childhood, that's how long I've been enjoying this amazing movie.

You can catch it on Sunday the 12th at 7:00 pm on the TBN channel.

Oh and before I forget, here is a cute link to share with your kids. From Precious Moments, The Resurrection Story told by Katie Bennet. It's so sweet :)

I'm off, I am still not 100% and sitting here on the computer is starting to give me a headache. I'll leave you with a link to last night's dinner which unfortunately I was unable to enjoy....but the kids and Curt loved it. Crockpot Salsa Chicken....YUM!


  1. Sorry you are still feeling crummy - hope you are better tomorrow in time for the birthday. Happy Birthday Nicholas!

  2. Happy Birthday Nicholas! Have a great time with your family tomorrow...try not to beat your dad and sister too badly at Super Mario 8 Ha-ha!!

    Sandra, hope you're feeling better. Those cupcakes look're a strong lady for being able to bake while your tummy is upset :o) But the mommy-gene often keeps us going when otherwise we would quit!

  3. For some reason, my kids think it's more special "en español" and I'm happy to oblige!

    Feliz Cumpleaños a ti!
    Feliz Cumpleaños a ti!
    Feliz Cumpleaños, Nicholas!
    Feliz Cumpleaños a ti!

    ...y mucho mas!

  4. Happy Birthday Nicholas !!! Wow, six is old !!! My baby is turning six in September ... I'm with you on the 'where did my little baby go?' It's crazy how quickly the time passes !! I hope you are feeling better soon Sandra, and can enjoy birthday and Easter celebrations !

  5. Awww how fun! My little girl will be turning 6 next month so I am trying to plan something for her. We had to cancel her big Princess Party we had planned because mommy is expecting baby number 3 unexpectedly, the same month as my sweet soon to be 6 year old! I think I will let her choose her day as well :) I hope you're feeling better!

  6. Happy Birthday Nicholas!!! I do hope that your birthday day is lots of fun for you.Sandra and Curt enjoy the day with your son..

  7. Happy Birthday to your little guy! Hope you're feeling better soon. I love to watch Jesus of Nazareth too. We actually just watched The Greatest Story Ever Told but I also like to watch Passion of the Christ, Ten Commandments, Ben Hur, etc and it's always fun to fit the Charlie Brown Easter movie in there too! HAPPY EASTER!

  8. Happy Birthday to your baby. My 'baby' just turned 22 yesterday. They'll always be babies to us. :)

    Your little girl looks just like her Daddy, and your little Man looks just like you! Such a lovely family!

  9. The Resurrection Story from Katie was a huge hit for Esater. Glad you enjoyed.


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