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Wanna Try That Wednesday!

Wanna Try That Wednesday

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Image: Little Birdie Secrets

-- My kids are always drawing me pictures and as much as I love them, they do tend to overtake the house, so I'm always wondering what to do with them, so when I saw this link over at Little Birdie Secrets, I knew this was it.....this is exactly what I'm going to do with them, embroider their artwork.

--Have you heard of Cozi? It's a great free Family Calendar online and just what I need right now, with the school year coming to an end, we have all these activities going on at school and home and it's sometimes hard to keep track of things....this is perfect for us.

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-- Jasmine has sleepovers and sometimes it's hard to get all her belongings into a bag that will fit what she needs but also looks cute. This Sleeper Bag is on my "To Do List" and I'll definitely be making one real soon.

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Image: Crepes of Wrath

-- I LOVE Snickerdoodles, but what if you could have that same wonderful taste IN A CAKE? Yeah, I'm making this one for sure. Thank you to Sydney over at the Crepes of Wrath!

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Image: Grand Revival

-- I think these adorable ruffle skirts are perfect for Jasmine. She's a girly girl and loves her skirts and I'm all about easy to make patterns.

Image: Fresh from the Farm

-- Caramel Krispie Bars....Enough said!

-- These crocheted dishcloths are next on my list.

-- I remember in my childhood, making juice popsicles in the summer, it's something I want to make with my kids again. Here are some great ideas for the popsicles.

  • I like using just simple juice, orange or apple or whatever other kind....I freeze them in popsicle molds or if you don't have those, I've used ice cube trays too, just pop in a popsicle stick and you're good to go.
  • Try mixing some orange juice with some vanilla ice cream, mix well until runny and then freeze that mixture in popsicle molds. YUM, it's SO good!
  • If you need more ideas, just go here. Now go on, go make some popsicles!

-- While in the middle of planning our summer vacations this year, I've been making lists and lists and more lists. This universal list is so helpful, you can enter the dates of the trip, what kind of a trip it is, what kind of transportation you're using etc. PERFECT! And I'm also going to give this Vacation Packing List a try too.


  1. this was such a great post! I want to make that skirt AND that bag. And GREAT idea with the embroidering... We tried Cozi, but after about 4 months- all of the system glitches didn't work for us. Glad you are impressed though!

  2. Great post. I love the skirts but unfortunately my daughter doesn't want skirts or dresses now.

  3. I love these posts you are doing Sandra ! I do love looking at new blogs and I have just clicked about 5 of the links open in new tabs ... off to have a look !

    By the way ... I changed my template today and it worked !! Thanks for the tips !!

  4. Those skirts are just adorable and I can almost see Jasmine in one of them. I need to check out the universal list and a few of those recipes!

  5. Your Wanna Try That Wednesday posts are just awesome! I'm definitely going to check out Cozi. I'm all about having everybody's schedule organized - all in one place!

  6. Thanks for stopping by & your sweet comments & thanks for sharing a know a couple of little girls who would love those skirts!!! Marie x

  7. Hey there Sandra! I loove your blog.. especially the Wanna try that Wednesday blog. My mom always made us ice pops when I was little also.. she would also freeze grapes and use them as ice cubes:O)

    I also wanted to tell you that I really admire you and the way you view life as a stay at home mom.. It is hard to find other people around here where I live that feel that way.. you have been such a blessing and encouragement to me so thanks again:O)


  8. Oh, my goodness, that embroiderred artwork is too much!!! I love it! What excellent ideas. I just love your blog!

  9. Hi~I hope you like my recipe for the Caramel Krispie bars! Thanks for linking me! I am going to check out a few of the sites you have listed today. I really enjoyed reading through your blog. Have a sweet day!

  10. We are going away tomorrow - off to check those packing lists. Good timing!

  11. What wonderful things. I love the skirts.

    Have A Wonderful Wednesday
    from Roberta Anne

  12. Q1- are you using Cozi now? You mentioned the other day but I see that Cozi offered a chore organization function too!

    Q2- I was looking at the embrioder your kids artwork tutorial. Why not use a back light on the child's drawing to ensure the image transferred is the same? I would have a tough time looking at the work on the wall, knowing it was reversed! :)

    Great links! I'll have to add them to my account!

    PS- Did you get a chance to listen to the Stay at Home Mom episode with Dr Laura & Dr Dobson I commented on yesterday??


  13. Um...I want to do it all!!!!!! :P *shielding eyes from the sheer beauty of all the projects* ...but alas, I have to resist! I FORCED myself to not start any new projects right now...

    I can file them away for later, though, right?! :P

    Blessings, Sandra!

  14. I really love those ruffly-girly skirts! Emme would love them too. She's all about the ruffles! Too bad I can't sew to save my life! lol


  15. I may have to stay away from your blog all the food you put up looks soooo good

  16. Happy Wednesday to ya Sandra,

    Love the new "wanna try that" posts.. I love all the craft ideas.. Thanks for sharing. That one on the drawings thing is an awesome idea, I'm big on quilting so that would make a great quilt for our kids. Don't ya think.
    I was checking out some emails from Beliefnet on how to use Eggs for other things and they had a link on Lemons and your wonderful Lemon trees popped in mind so I thought I would share the link with you so you could check it out.

    So anyhow.. Have a great day!!

  17. Cute ideas! The cake looks delicious!

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE the embroidered artwork idea! I'm on it!LOL

  19. Great list!

    Another good idea for popsicles that we do is to blend fruit and yogurt (and a little sugar) together and then freeze them. They are great!

  20. Man that cake looks so good! Lets us know if it turns out good. I would like a new cake recipe!


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