Wednesday, April 22, 2009

{ Wanna Try That Wednesday }

Wanna Try That Wednesday

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Image credit: LuckyKate Crafts

-- Oh these are just too adorable NOT to try. Imagine how cute your Jam jars will look with these toppers on.

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-- When Nicholas was born, the Squadron Commander's wife came over with a gift. It was this adorable hooded towel and since then I've wanted to make more and never got around to it. But now, I am going to jump right in and get to it with this great tutorial from Make and Takes.

Image credit: Annie's Eats

-- This Bacon, Mushroom and Broccoli Quiche is beckoning me, and really, who am I to deny it?


Image credit: Daisy Cottage

-- Mixing two of my passions in life, books and pretty fabrics...I can't wait to try these Book Cozies from Daisy Cottage.


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-- How about a cute kitchen scrubbie that is crocheted with tulle? Yes you heard right, I said TULLE. Well I'll be.....Sewtakeahike is amazing with her work.

Image credit: Dinners for a Year and Beyond

-- Roasted Bacon and Parmesan Stuffed Chicken. Need I say more? Yeah, I didn't think so *snicker*


  1. So many wonderful links and beautiful things.
    Thank you.


  2. Thanks for the link and I will be checking out the other ideas. You will be busy this week.

  3. I always had one of those hooded bath towels. I loved taking them out of the bath and snuggling them all up in warm fuzzy blankets.

  4. The chicken dish, especially, looks terrific! I'm adding it to my "Wanna Try" list, too!

  5. That Quiche looks and sounds soooo good! I'm really gonna have to try that! The crafts look so cute. The hooded towel....I love it. My parents-in-law gave me one for Little was store bought but what a great idea!

  6. That chicken looks so good!
    You are going to be busy with all these things to work on!

  7. I love quiche. I'm definitely trying that one!

  8. I love this lovely weekly post of yours ;-) The Food has my attention of course right?

  9. Thanks for the links. I see a couple of things I would like to try.

  10. You have a beautiful blog. I enjoy your links and great recipes... I hope you don't mind but I added my name to your followers.... I will be stopping by often to see what you share. Much love ... Jaime
    I hope your sweet children are all well by now.

  11. The ladies of my church make those scrubbies and sell them every year at our church bazaar. We all love them and get our supply for the year. They always sell out. They are also good for scrubbing the bugs off the front of your vehicle as they are not soo abrasive that they scratch the paint. Love your blog! Have a great day!

  12. I love seeing your I want to do its...thank you for sharing. I think of your blog as a sort of combination cookbook/idea journal that I can read anytime I want to.

    Roberta Anne = Raggedy Girl

  13. We bought a bunch of those kitchen scrubbies in Amish country and they work great!! I have the quiche marked to make. That looks awesome!

  14. ooooooooooohhh!! what pretties! what yummies!! :) good luck w/ all your new ideas!

  15. How funny that you posted that quiche because just as I was reading your post yesterday I was taking my first ever quiche out of the oven. I got the recipe from pioneer women and oh my it is wonderful!

  16. I love this list! It is awesome. The hooded towels are really awesome! I have several I'm going to be doing soon. I love making them, and when I give them as a gift, It's so awesome to hear how much they are enejoyed! The chicken sounds wonderful!!!! Hope Jasmine is doing better!
    Hugs and Blessings,


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