Wednesday, April 29, 2009

{ Wanna Try That Wednesday }

Wanna Try That Wednesday

-- I'm hoping to start feeling better so that I can make some of these dandelions with the kids. What sweet decorations they will make for the house.

-- I also want to finish making some of these, I started some for Jasmine's birthday and then got sick so had to put them aside. They're the cutest little Blossom Fairies.

-- A sweet treat of Butterscotch Confetti sounds really good right about now.

-- We've made flubber, next we're making Gak. Pretty much same thing but using Starch instead of Borax. I think the kids will have fun making this one too.

-- And if that doesn't get them happy, then this Puff Paint will. I only wish I had ever thought of doing this, how neat?

-- I'm all out of bread, so this afternoon I'll be trying this easy bread recipe.

-- Do you have a lot of tea towels and no idea what to do with them all? Apartment Therapy has a great post giving us 8 Uses for Tea Towels....go on and check it out.


  1. praying for you both Sandra...I hope you and your little guy feels much better soon..

  2. Glad you are feeling better. You have some good things here - the butterscotch confetti looks like fun!

  3. Thank you for all the neato links...

    The Raggedy Girl

  4. That Butterscotch confetti recipe is a good one :)
    Thanks for visiting,

  5. I really like the links you're giving here. I think that I am ready to try the homemade bread.

  6. I'm happy to hear that you are feeling better .Thanks for the links will have to look at them soon,I received the book on the weekend.And will be reading it today.

  7. I made the easy bread recipe yesterday, it was so easy and so yummy!!

  8. Still running behind in my blog reading! Just wanted to say the easy bread recipe is the same one my mom gave me when I moved out on my own 22 years ago. It is the one she used all my life.
    It is very easy and very good.
    To make cinnamon sticky rolls, instead of shaping into a loaf, spread rectangle with butter or margrine lightly. Sprinkle on some brown sugar and some cinnamon. Add chopped nuts if you like them. Roll up from the longer side jelly roll style, then using a sharp knife or piece of floss, cut into 8-12 prices, depending on how big your pan is, how big you want your finished roll to be, or how many rolls you want. Place in pan barely touching. Let rise until double. Bake same as bread. Drizzle with powdered sugar icing, if desired.


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