Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Slowly.....very slowly coming around

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Nicholas came down with whatever I had, he's been home from school with the exact same symptoms, so this morning, I hauled us both to the doctor and said "ok....enough now, fix it once and for all".

Turns out we have Respiratory Infections and let me tell you, for someone who had never had anything like this, it is awful and draining and frustrating to boot. The worst for me? The coughing that makes my chest burn...the pits!

Both Nicholas and I are on antibiotics, Azithromycin, he on the kid dose and I'm on the Z Pack....we also got prescribed stuff for the horrible coughs we have and Nicholas got an inhaler too. I feel better knowing exactly what we have and getting the right medication for it, I'm pretty tired of dragging these things out, this way we can knock it out once and for all.

Just a quick question for those out there either on the Z Pack right now or have been before. It says to take it on an empty stomach but I took my first dose and goodness gracious, I had the runs and bad stomach cramps. Now I know it's one of the side effects, but should I try taking it with food and seeing if that helps out a bit? Any suggestions for taking this antibiotic?

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, I'm so completely out of the loop, I haven't done anything but be at home trying to keep this house together and cooking and driving while slowly moving through this terrible virus.

To all those who have emailed me, I apologize, I haven't had the strength to do much but open the email program every morning and shut it down right away, just don't have the energy to sit on the computer for more than a minute or two.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. Please keep us in your prayers, I'm hoping Nicholas can head back to school tomorrow and that I can handle the antibiotics long enough for them to work.

Hugs and kisses and God Bless,


  1. I took a Z pack one time and had no problems.. and I don't think I even took it on an empty tummy.. how about calling a pharmacy and asking them if its okay.. those guys know everything about drugs.

  2. Glad you got some meds! I would try taking that Z-pack with a little something, but not too much. They say empty stomach because it absorbs better, but a little in the stomach might lessen some of those side effects. Feel better!

  3. You poor dear, and your precious little guy. I feel so sorry for you. I agree with Mari, sometimes just a cracker will do it.. Get better soon.

  4. That is a strong antibiotic. Empty stomach is best or just a little food. But also yogurt is really good in general for you when you are taking that high of a dose. Yogurt has lots of good stuff in it to help promote the good stuff the meds wipe out. Sorry if that does not make sense. My brain is not working well tonight. I hope it does make sense and I hope both of you are feeling better soon.

  5. Ugh, a respiratory infection ! I've never had one of those and will be glad if I never do !! You rest up and get all better ... at least you are on antibiotics now and on the road to recovery !!

  6. Hope you zap this once and for all. Please take care!

  7. I agree a little something might help. I am praying for you and your little guy. I have a prayer I need prayed for... a little guy named Nate. It's on my blog. Thanks so much.

  8. I have the same reaction when taking a zpak, too, ugh. For me it only lasts the first two days. Stay hydrated!!!!

  9. Glad to hear you got some meds-hopefully your whole house will now be on the mend.

  10. If it irritates on an empty stomach, try taking it with some crackers. This should lessen the irritation.

    Get better soon. :)

    -Nurse Cathy

  11. We had a winter once where everyone kept getting bronchitis. The zithromax finally kicked it once and for all. But it is hard on your stomach. I would take it with just a spoonful of yogurt. That's actually what I always do when I take antibiotics (I am on a different one now for sinus, yuck) and they always bug my stomach, too. An extra good thing about yogurt, is the active cultures will keep you from developing a yeast infection from the antibiotic. =)

  12. I hope you and your little boy get better soon.
    As melhoras aos dois.

  13. The z pac is good stuff! It keeps working even after you have taken all your dosage. I can't take medication on an empty stomach. I usually eat some toast or crackers to help out.

    Hope you all are better soon!

  14. Hope you guys get to feeling a lot better soon. Sounds awful, and I hope the meds start to work and don't continue to cause these other problems :(

    Feel better!

  15. Oh sweetie:

    You have had more than your share of this gunk. I wonder it the doctor should put your whole family on medication at the same time, sick or not. I am praying for you and when I have a little time I will e-mail you with my "stuff" The last two days with my computer were crazy.

    The Raggedy Girl

  16. Hey,
    Food interferes with the resorption of the antibiotics which results in varying plasma concentrations so it won't work.That's why ;)

    I hope you and Nicholas get better soon!

  17. I'm sorry that Nicholas is sick too, but I'm so glad yall have went on to the doctor and been given some meds to get you well.

    I didn't have any troubles on the z pack.

    Hope and pray the two you are better soon!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  18. Well I'm glad a doctor was able to get to the bottom of it and you now have the right medications to help you! Hopefully you are all quickly on the mend now.

  19. Hi Sandra! I'm praying that you all get better soon. I thought the z-pack said to take it with food. Hmmm...I took some a couple of months ago and I don't remember. I probably read it wrong. Anyway, I've been down health-wise. Steve keeps reminding me to go see a dr, but I haven't. I need to though.


  20. I hope you guys are all better soon!

  21. Yes, ring the pharmacy, they know how and when to take the drugs.

    Hugs to you all, we've had our fair share of sickies this year.

    Sarah xxxxxx


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