Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Best Husband in the World!

Oh I know some of you are reading this and going "whatever, MINE is the best in the world", but, I think mine is. Hahah

I have one of the most unselfish, thoughtful husbands there could ever be and it makes me smile and thank the Lord every day for him.

Since we've been married, going on 12 years this year, there are a few things that I've always wanted but due to circumstances or financial obstacles, I just couldn't get, and it was fine I mean having children has immediately shifted my priorities and made everything about them and their happiness and well being.

I very rarely, if ever, go to a store and buy something for me and when I do I get that guilty feeling, like "did I really need that? I'm sure I could have used that money for something for the house".

My husband has always been behind me saying "Buy it, spoil yourself, you deserve it" but I just never did.

Anyway, one of the things I've always wanted seeing that I spend most of my time in the kitchen, was a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. That was like my dream.

You know how some guys dream of that shiny sports car with all the bells and whistles? Well this was my dream sports car.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when my husband bought me one? I about died, you could have sworn someone handed me a check for a million dollars, I was THAT happy. Then the silly man apologizes because he bought me a white one instead of a red one to match my kitchen, saying he looked through every single one he could find and there were no red. Are you kidding me? It could have been a purple with yellow polka dots and I wouldn't have minded either.


Isn't she beautiful? There she sits waiting patiently for me to plug her in and take her for a ride, which I plan on doing this afternoon. What to make, What to make? I'm actually a little nervous, how funny is that?

Oh I know a lot of you already have one and are probably laughing at me right now. LOL

But if that little gem in itself wasn't enough, he bought me KitchenAid utensils and all kinds of gadgets, the man knows what I love and he loves me which in turn just makes me love him even more. It's a big ol' circle of love which I'm so happy to be a part of. *snicker*


Wanna laugh a little more?

See that big ladle? Well since we moved here from Idaho which his going on 3 years in July, I lost my ladle and it was one of those "I'll buy a new one next week, I'll buy a new one next week" kinda thing. Well here we are a gazillion weeks later (don't ask me to do the math, I still count on my fingers and toes and that would take f.o.r.e.v.e.r) and I still didn't have one.

So guess what he got me? A ladle. LOL

Now maybe another woman would take the said ladle and whack him upside the head and ask what kind of a gift that is, but again, I grabbed it and screamed "AHHHH a ladle, I love you honey". I think at this point he was just staring at me, shaking his head and laughing.

But that's not all, because by now I was literally feeling like I hit the jackpot in kitchen items AND husband wise.

Little did I know that I was about to get 2 more things that I've been wanting forever.

Back in Idaho, the base we were stationed at had yard sales every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here NOTHING.

They recently started having one, at one of the parking lots near the Commissary, the first Saturday of every month. Kinda lame, but whatever LOL

So we went to get groceries and decided to just walk across to the Yard Sale and I came face to face with two items I've been coveting for a while.


I've been wanting white and blue dishes but can never seem to find them. I found these two for a dollar, I mean....ONE DOLLAR!

I think I may have snatched them out of the seller's hand and muttered something along the lines of "MINE". I don't know, the details are kinda hazy LOL

But I love them, they are so beautiful and they only make me want more, oh and if you know of a place I can get some please let me know.

I was walking back to the truck with these safely tucked under my arm and then suddenly BAM, I see a lady starting to pack her stuff away and in her hand she had something else that I have really really wanted for a while but couldn't bring myself to buy because they do tend to be a little expensive.

Apothecary Jars. Oh yeah, I said APOTHECARY JARS, big, tall, fat, beautiful jars, for $10 for a set of 3. When I say big, believe me, you could fit a puppy in there or a newborn baby, they are THAT big.


Oh the possibilities with these. Throughout the year I'm going to fill them with items according to the holidays. I'm thinking hearts and candy for Valentine's day, all sorts of eggs for Easter....yeah, this will be fun.

I wish I could stay and chat but my KitchenAid is glaring from the counter and raring to go, so I'll go and make it happy just like it made me, I'll let you know later what I made.


  1. Can't wait to read about your adventures with your KitchenAid! It's on my wish list too so perhaps I'd better shoot your blog post over to my husband's e-mail LOL!

  2. I know you'll enjoy it!

  3. Wonderful, happy post. I can feel your joy and excitement all the way here via the web.

    Have fun and do take pictures of your girl in action and of what she makes.

    Love your blue and white dishes and your apothecary jars too.


  4. Them "good husbands"....they are just too hard to find!

  5. I am happy for you and your new mixer! What a thoughtful and sweet Hubby. I just know you're going to enjoy baking even more now. :)

    LOVE those jars and your blue and white dishes. Great finds!

  6. I've got a big smile on my face after reading this. What a wonderful day! You do have a great husband, he was so thoughtful and it shows how well he knows you. I love the dishes and apothecary jars too!

  7. You will love that Kitchen Aid!! I always wanted one and like you when my husband was active duty we just didn't have the extra money to buy one. My parents bought me one for my b-day about 6 yrs ago and I absolutely love it. Mine is white too... great finds at the flea market too!

  8. I think that husband of yours sounds pretty great myself! I love my KitchenAid and now you're going to love yours too.

    Oh and the jars look great. I have 2 bigger ones and want a smaller one like the one you have the apples in. I've had issues though with fruit in them. It fogs up the glass from the INSIDE. Let me know if you can keep this from happening because I'd love a tip. hee hee
    I've currently put pinecones in one of mine and seashells in the other. Kinda of a nature theme going on.

  9. Anonymous12:58 PM

    oh Sandra you are so cute, and so lucky, loved your blog this a.m. Laura just won a red one and she is so happy but thought she may have to fight her daughter for it lol.. and wow love your blue dish and jars too, so pretty.. anyways have a great day, I plan on shuffling cookbooks which I am no longer using to a diff. shelf as i don't want to get rid of them, and ya just puttering.. tc Sue

  10. Oooh want want want.

    You deserve it, enjoy it!

    Oh but BTW, *I* have the best husband in the world. Just thought I'd get that in! lol.

  11. enjoy your goodies..

  12. Your hubby is so sweet and thoughtful! I have always wanted one of those mixers too. I am like you and just dream about it. :) Have fun with your new stuff!

  13. I was so excited for you reading your blog this morning. You are so blessed to have such wonderful husband, and you are a wonderful person for appreciating him like you do. You sound like a terrific couple, making each other happy...
    I bought myself(no husband to buy one) a kenwood mixer about a year ago, it is used many times each week, and I love it!! The kids come into the kitchen whenever they hear it as they know it means treats are being made!! lol
    I'm sure your husband will be rewarded many times over with the yummy food you will be making with this.

  14. That was an awesome gift. I can't wait to see what you make with your new mixer.

    I couldn't believe the deal you got on the white and blue dishes.

    To to it off you got the apothecary jars too, the whole set of 3, for $10. Now that is one productive weekend.

  15. Aren't the mixers great? I wanted one for quite a while ever since we got married, but like you, couldn't spare the money for it. Then my parents got me one for Christmas about 6 years agao and oh, my, what did I ever do without it? I can't imagine, I use it nearly every day, and it has spoiled me!

    But your husband does sound great, what a thoughtful guy!

  16. I certainly wouldn't whack my husband for buying me kitchen goodies. Those are my favorite kind of gifts! My best Christmas gift EVER was my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love it! I use it all the time and tell my hubby how much I love it.

    Happy creating!

  17. Very exciting, congrats!

  18. YOur posts always make me smile! Isn't the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer a dream! I love mine too!!! And mine was a used treasure passed on to me, and I can recall, hubby to this day, saying i'm sorry i't not new! Now it's been some 5 years later and I still love it just like I did the first time I used it. Even mixed up a cake this morning! I'm so excited for you! What a sweet hubby and great gifts you got! I love the apthocary jars! What an awesome find!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  19. great, happy post :) for the moment I'll let you have the best husband in the world ... but at 4 a.m. yesterday when mine took a fussy baby & let me sleep, I had him!! ;)

    Enjoy all your new blessings! :)

  20. Anonymous6:43 AM

    hey Sandra! I read your blog all the time but hardly ever comment. I was sooo happy for you reading your post. I felt that same sense of joy last Christmas when my husband bought me a cuisinart food processor:)
    I live in Virginia and we have a place called "The Williamsburg Pottery." I swear they are famous for those blue and white dishes. My mom loves them too and has all sorts ofodd shaped cups decorating her wood burning stove. I'll see if they have a website.

    Also MY dad is portuguese. He grew up in the azores. I was wondering if you happened to have a good portuguese sweet bread recipe?

    thanks alot,

  21. What a great hubby! You will love the Kitchenaid! I have one and use it all the time. I can only imagine the yummies you will be whipping up Sandra!

  22. Sandra, I have been lurking on your Blog for a long time, but I just had to comment about your new Kitchen Aid. About six years ago I requested a Kitchen Aid from my DH as an Anniversary gift. Just like a good Husband he got me one and I have loved it every day since.It has a permanent home on my limited counter top and I use it almost every day. Friends have commented on how tacky it is to get an Appliance as an Anniversary gift, but he couldn't have bought me a better gift. In fact, the next year I requested the Kitchen Aid Food processor..... I love my Honey. I know you'll have lots of fun with your new Gem.

  23. I love the exuberance! What a lucky woman you are! My honey did something very similar for me for Christmas, but for me it was a Lefse Griddle! I am Norwegian and love to make the Norwegian treats, but could never afford the griddle for the lefse! He bought me not only the griddle, but the rolling pin and cover, turner, and the pastry board to go with it! I am completely set for making lefse!! Amazing and I can totally understand your feelings of hitting the jackpot!! :)

  24. Hi Sandra!
    Wonderful gift! Feel really happy for you! You´re a good person, so you desrve good things!
    Love your blog! I was raised in the U.S.A, but now living in Portugal.
    Got married here, wonderful husband, he too was raised in South Africa like you!
    I actually like living here, got my degree and masters here.
    It´s alot different here now, from what it was a few years ago. We now have everything here too.
    How long has it been since you´ve visited Portugal. Where did you live?
    Found your blog when searching for a recipe! Put it on my favorites ever since! I usually visit a few times a week! Love everyhing you post! You have delicious recipes! I´ve tried a few already and everyone likes them!
    Wish you best of luck!
    Hope you feel happy knowing your blog is international *snicker* read in Europe! lol



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