Monday, January 4, 2010

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Winter Break is over.....


This morning was a little tough to get back into the routine and that was just two weeks off LOL

Little kids with sleepy eyes stumbled into the living room and groggily complained that they were not ready to start school again. Guess what? Mommy wasn't ready for it either, I was actually enjoying the sleeping in and lazy days.

But we did enjoy our two week break, we got to hang out with friends,


take walks


ride scooters every day




watch movies, stay up late, sleep in and one or two days we got to lay in our pj's ALL.DAY.LONG.

Now you may be laughing but it's not something we usually do, I'm just weird like that, it doesn't feel right staying in my pajamas all day long.....but I put those feelings aside and actually enjoyed it LOL

We also made a few trips to the library. It's time to get my TBR pile ready for this month and here are the first ones on the list:


The Matters at Mansfield: Or, The Crawford Affair (Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Mysteries) by Carrie Bebris

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

A Love to Last Forever by Tracie Peterson

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Blindspot by Jane Kamensky and Jill Lepore

While the kids were at school today I was able to run out and get the last items on my grocery list from the commissary, then came home and whipped up a big batch of Breakfast Burritos to freeze.

I love these and if you've been reading my blog for a while then you know I make them quite often, they're great to have on hand not just for breakfast but for lunches and even a quick dinner.


Now I'm off to take a long hot bath, the weather has been so weird lately, cold in the mornings and then reaching the 80's in the afternoons, it's been completely messing up my sciatic. Boy do I feel old on days like these.

Long bath, a little Stargate SG1 on the tv and some reading before turning in for the night.


  1. Sandra ~ LOVE the pics that are black and white with the kiddos in color. How ever did you do that?

    Also making the breakfast burritos to freeze, what a great idea. How do you warm them (like how long)?


  2. Tracie Peterson is a great author. I really enjoyed the Broadmoor Legacy series she wrote with Judith Miller. Check it out if you get a chance.

  3. I love the pictures. I also like the idea of a day in pj's. Wish I had thought of that when my kids were little.
    I'm going to have to make the breakfast burritos. I've always wanted to try them!

  4. Great pictures! It looks like lots of fun was had. It seems that breaks and vacations always go too fast.

  5. My family went back to school today too ... I missed them!

    I can tell you ONE THING that would make you feel younger: a BABY!!! LOL!!! ;) Despite my 39 years, it is a great motivator as I realize that I have to stay "young" to keep up with my little one.

  6. I am really loving Sophie Kinsella at the moment! I read "Remember Me" last month and I have "Watermelon" on my e-book to be read soon! I also have several Jane Austen "spoofs" or pre/se-quels I want to read too!

    I wasn't ready for back to school or back to work today either. Ugh. Slow and steady, right?


  7. Would love to hear what you think of Twenties Girl!

  8. It was tough getting up yesterday around here too. Love the scootering pics. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around that as we definitely had a white Christmas around here, LOL. In fact, this morning we were all out there shovelling to get out of the driveway before everyone left for school.

  9. great pics of the kids..So nice you guys had a great winter brake..

  10. Hi Sandra....I love going to the library. I have read "The Thirteenth Tale," and thought it was a good book. You'll have to let me know what you think.

    I can remember the mixed feelings when the kids had to return to school after a long break. Most of me missed our time together, while a small part was happy to return to "the routine." All I can say is, enjoy these years, they go so quickly! Now my two are back to their college classes, with the oldest looking to graduate in May. Have a blessed week.


  11. It was first day back for my kiddiwinks today too. It didn't last long though, heavy snow meant I had to go pick them up 2.5 hours earlier than normal. They're loving the snow though.

    Hope you had a lovely relaxing bath.


  12. Twenties Girl is a great book!


  13. Sandra - Andy made it back ok. One flight was delayed, but he got back in time and should have started back to work today. Thanks for asking!

  14. Great pictures, so glad they had a good break :)

    I have read Twenties Girl, and want to read the Peterson one and also The Thirteenth Tale .... I've had it on my library list for so long, but never seem to come home with it :) Let us know how you like them all, they all sound good!

    Enjoy :)


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