Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crafting, Crocheting, Cooking......

A little of this and a little of that.

First of all, I have to tell you that I got my hair cut again last week because I just can't handle long hair anymore, it drives me insane.  So I went and got it cut, asked for the same style again but was not really pleased with the back, it seems to be the area these hairdressers have the most trouble with.

SO, this afternoon I had to run some errands and ran back into the Salon and begged them to please fix the back, so they did and they charged me zilch and I walked away happy.  YAY!

But first things first, let me show you how I started my day


A cup of coffee and some crocheting.  I've started a granny square blanket using, again, mostly Cath Kidston inspired colors.  This blankie is going to be for me since the last beautiful one that I made, I sent to my little 2 year old niece in South Africa :)

Nicholas was up about 30 minutes later so we got to work on his homeschooling and were finished pretty quick, he had short lessons today and was happy to get through them while munching on his breakfast.  Always a good day when that happens.......since all you homeschooling mamas out there know that there are days that you want to run away, far far away LOL

After schooling and while his sister and daddy slept, he went about watching some cartoons and I turned to my newest project using the fabric stashes I got at Joann's Fabrics.


I've decided to make patchwork placemats, but just wait until you see the final product.  I can't wait....but I have to because after cutting all 4 out and laying them out how I wanted, I realized I don't have batting.  *sigh*


I set these aside and made a mental note to grab some when I went out to get printer ink.  Have I ever told you how much printer paper and ink we go through while homeschooling????

Goodness gracious.

I did a little laundry, pottered around the kitchen etc and got a little more cooking done.  Lunch was Portuguese Tuna Salad.

Atum com Grao

Then after hubby got up, I went to the BX to grab some printer ink, some birthday cards for family members and look for the batting, which they had NONE.  UGH!  I'll have to wait until Friday.

Ran by the commissary for some more milk because we go through it like crazy in this house and a few other things, and then because it was so darn hot outside (heat wave and all), I grabbed a small diet coke to drink.  Opened it up on the way to the truck, took a big drink, closed it and placed it near my purse in the cart.  Got to the truck, put the groceries in, took out my purse and took the cart back.

Came home and reached for my diet coke....................................................*crickets*

Dagnabit, I left it in the cart LOL   Only me!

Anyway, by the time I got home after the errands and the haircut it was already time to start dinner.......I get so happy when I'm my kitchen about to cook.


But then I started thinking about how I need to back to get my hair colored because, what on earth is all that white doing on my head????  I'm 37 years old....I don't want all this white yet.  I blame the kids and the husband, they are the ones driving me batty.

Nicholas took this pic LOL  Usually when I'm cooking he'll come in a couple of times and ask "what's for dinner"...or...."is it done yet, I'm hungry".....and I usually turn around and make a face and do a zombie kinda stumble with my arms stretched out.  He thinks it's hilarious.


But back to business, there are hungry people and food to be cooked.


So I fixed dinner which were these delicious little Portuguese meat pastries....Empadinhas.

Empadinhas de Carne

And now, it's time for me to relax, sit on my bed and work on my crochet blanket again.  Perfect kinda day, starts with crochet and ends with crochet, makes this gal very happy.

But I'm still thinking about my grey hairs and I'm not impressed LOL  Oh well, I'll leave that for another day....toodles for now.


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