Thursday, August 11, 2011

When a man loves a woman.......

He surprises her with birthday gifts that send her into a screaming tizzy and lots and lots of hugs and kisses directed his way.  Come to think of it, that may have been the plan all along?  Haha

I HAVE to show you some of my birthday presents, not all because he did give me some of my favorite perfume too "White Diamonds" and some books and DVD's I had been wanting.

But this, THIS package brought me to tears.  No I'm not kidding.

So, picture this, you're sitting talking to your kids and there's a knock at the door, your husband gets up and goes outside then comes back in and says "You need to go write a check for $20 to the UPS guy, it's a brokerage fee".  I grab my check book and think "What the?  Why are we paying brokerage fees, for what, on what?".

I'll admit I was a little miffed LOL

So I go outside and I ask the nice UPS man how much it was and he tells me and I write the check, give it to him and he says "here you go ma'm" and moves aside."  I look behind him and see this....


I didn't quite get it at first, all I thought was, Wow that is a really cute mailing envelope


but now look closely and see if you can figure out where it's from.... Uh huh....yeah a little closer.....Oh.MY.GOSH!

I ripped into it and the first thing I saw was this


I think at this time I let out a little scream cause the kids came running and asked what was wrong.


This amazing husband of mine made my day, wait no, scratch that, he made my YEAR.  I think by far this is one of the best birthdays I have ever had, presents from my favorite store on earth, even though they came all the way from England.


That is my new wallet.  I am like totally in love with it, I mean literally in love with it, I pick it up and caress it and open it up and look inside and close it and hold it to my's quite ridiculous actually but I don't care.  I LOVE it.


Bluebell Shower Gel and Body Lotion which smells A.MA.ZING.


And the matching Bluebell Hand Balm.....


Pajamas.  Which I'm wearing right now and I have to tell you they are SO comfy and so adorable. 


My new purse which I have wanted forever.  I've been oogling these at Cath Kidston for years LOL


And finally my apron.  I already love cooking but now I think I'm going to conjure up reasons just to throw it on and wear it around the house LOL

This has got to be the best present I've ever gotten.  I am not joking.  Some may think jewels and extravagant gifts are great, but me.....I'm happy with simple things and especially if they come from my favorite store.

How I love this husband of mine, he really does know me so well.

I'm going to go finish my coffee and then get changed and start the housework, have a ton of laundry to do, floors to mop, dishes in the sink and dust that is threatening to take over my surfaces even though it was dusted just two days ago.  Oh's to the joys of homemaking :)

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