Saturday, August 27, 2011

Round and Round and Round

Working on the Granny Square Blanket

I've said it before, I'll say it again, I find something very relaxing and therapeutic in crocheting.

So remember the Granny Square Blanket I just started?  I've only worked on it about 2 days and about an hour each day but it's coming together so quick.

Granny Square Blanket

One of the reasons why I love Granny Squares, Granny Stripes, Granny anything.  It's just so easy to do, I find myself watching TV or chatting with the hubby or kids and my hands are just moving at their own pace.

Granny Square Blanket

Round and Round and Round I go, now we're getting to the longer rows, it's starting to feel a little heavy and that just makes me even more excited to continue.

Next on the list?  Some of those Amigurumi Animals from my new crochet book but, also......I just purchased the pattern to make my very own Mabel pillow.  Oh it makes me giddy just looking at it.

 Image Credit:  Sarah London

If you're interested, you can purchase the pattern from Sarah London right here.  

Just scroll down towards the bottom of the page, or don't, you can just take your time and look at all the wonderful patterns Sarah London has to offer.

I'm off to go another round or two with my Granny LOL 

Good night everyone!


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  1. Granny square are so much fun, i'm working on one right now, will post it later thismonth!


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