Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello everyone

I've been so busy since school started last week.  It's always a little struggle in the very first two or so weeks, trying to get back into the rhythm of homeschooling, of juggling school work with housework and errands and hoping not to fail on any area.

So, I'm here but I'm trying to find my groove, I feel a little discombobulated and then to add fuel to the fire I have a blog that is set up like an automated robot program who has decided to steal my RSS feed and copy and paste every single post I publish on Full Bellies, to their site.

I don't think I need to tell you how angered that has made me but unfortunately it's one of those things that happen a LOT on the internet.

Anyway, long story short, I decided to move Full Bellies to a new site, if you are a follower and want to know the address, you'll have to email me personally for it :)  No it's not a private site but I won't be giving out online.

Let me show you a little of what I'm doing around here, then I have to run and finish planning the lessons for tomorrow and hopefully get some sleep which I've been severely lacking the past few days.....something about it being WAY too hot and the air conditioning unit not working as it's supposed to which makes it very uncomfortable when it feels like your bed is on fire.  YUCK!


This is his "I hate Language Arts and don't know why I have to write so much" face.  *snort*

The one thing I do love about homeschooling is that even though Nicholas is in 3rd grade and Jasmine is in 7th, they are for the most part doing and studying the same exact things albeit different levels of difficulty....but we can all sit around and learn together :)

Made some Creamy Cappuccino Mix today.  Sometimes I want more than just a regular old coffee, I want that little special touch and frankly, not only do I not feel like driving to Starbucks for one but I am cheap folks, I don't want to pay for it either when I can make it at home.

The next two weeks my Menus are ALL about Portuguese food which makes me so happy, it's like stepping back in time and picturing myself in Portugal eating at one of the many many wonderful restaurants, or at a friends house or at home as a child.

My kids and husband love Portuguese food it is their favorite and you should just see their faces and hear them when I dish it up, they go nuts LOL

Tonight for dinner I made a simple Chicken dish, just fried chicken strips with some mushroom gravy but served with Garlic Lemon Spaghetti....huge thumbs up from the kiddos.  For dessert, another Portuguese favorite, Pasteis de Nata (Custard Tarts).  YUM!

In between all this cooking, I did manage to crank out 4 loads of laundry which I ashamedly admit that are dried and just sitting in the baskets getting all wrinkled, which means tomorrow while the kids do school work I'll be standing right there ironing. 

When I'm not doing either one of those things, I'm cleaning or doing dishes and I always have my laptop nearby where I can put in a movie or watch something on Sherlock from BBC.  I also watched A dinner of Herbs and it was....well, I don't know, I didn't like it much LOL

But tomorrow while I do laundry, I'll be watching the 2011 version of Jane Eyre, I've heard mixed reviews on this one so I'm eager to watch for myself and decide.

And now my sweet friends, time to really buckle up and get those lessons finished and then bed. 

Hope you all have a great night :)

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