Monday, August 15, 2011

# happy homemaker monday

{ Happy Homemaker Monday }

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The weather in my neck of the woods:
90 degrees, I am hoping we're over the worst heat of the summer and heading into cooler temps.

Things that make me happy:
Being a homemaker.  I used to get frustrated when it came to the housework because it really is so repetitive isn't it?  But I've long learned to enjoy it and not think of it as work but as a way to make my home a cozy, happy place for my family.

Book I'm reading:
Sarah's Quilt by Nancy E Turner -  Almost finished with this one, only have about two pages and then I am starting the third and last in the trilogy... The Star Garden.  Brilliant series, I'm loving it so much I don't want it to end :)

What's on my TV today:
Meek's Cutoff -  Watched about 20 minutes of it the other night and then fell asleep.  Yep I'm old LOL

On the menu for dinner:
Not sure yet, have to get groceries but have to wait for hubby to get home from work with the truck, if I don't make it to the commissary then we'll probably order in some Chinese.  If I do get groceries then it will be Fish Filets with Salad and Fried Green beans.

On my To Do List:

Iron the last load of laundry and put away
Wash the wood floors
Water the grass out back

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon:
Beer Braised Meatballs

Beer Braised Meatballs

In the craft basket:
Crochet Slippers - I've only done the first row so far, keep getting distracted with other stuff.

Looking forward to this week:
Going to the Butcher to pick up half a cow, it's time to fill my freezer
Getting a hair cut either today or tomorrow, I can't stand my hair long anymore, need it off my neck

Tips and Tricks:
If you have a deep freezer in your home, look into going to a real Butcher and stocking up.  You can usually get half a cow or a quarter of a cow worth of meat, some butcher's like mine, even have prepacked 60lbs or less cuts of meat :)

My favorite blog post this week:
I've been reading a bunch of Portuguese food blogs, can't single just one out.

Blog Hopping (a new discovered blog you would like to share with the readers):
The Homesteading Wife

No words needed (favorite photo or picture, yours or others you want to share):


Lesson learned the past few days:

Not one learned, maybe one that I'm having to RE-learn.  I'm not superwoman, I'm not perfect, I don't have it all together.  I'm human and therefore I err.

On my mind:
My food blog situation, how frustrating it is to have to move it to another platform because people seem to think it's perfectly ok to plagiarize.

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:
Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near. – Revelation 1:3

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