Sunday, August 21, 2011

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End of the weekend.....already?


I don't know about you all but I am starting to think that weekends are just not long enough anymore.

As a child they felt like they would drag, like Saturday would last 300 hours and then Sunday would come and it was another boring long day.

Nowadays, I wish for that time.  I just want to be able to actually say that I got some rest and did nothing this weekend.  I think it's been a while honestly since I've been able to make such a statement.

This weekend was a blur, a total blur, I feel like I'm still on Friday night and looking forward to some down time but yet it's Sunday night and I know a whole other week of school, housework and craziness awaits me.

So, Saturday we headed out.  We made a quick stop at Joann's Fabric because I'm determined to hunt down the Mollie Makes magazine.  I'm beyond frustrated folks, I found the first issue back in June and in the UK they're about to release issue #5 and I've found ZILCH since that issue.

COME ON USA, you're killing me.  Chop Chop on the mags.  I must have the worst luck  in the world, either that or bad timing and always show up when they're out.

Anyway, made a stop at Joann's, the elusive Mollie Makes was nowhere to be found and matter of fact no one knew what I was talking about which makes it even worse, oh well.   We walked around for a bit and the kids grabbed some little turtle stuffed toys, while I picked up a new crochet book.

Super Cute Amigurumi Animals


How cute is that?


My kids love turtles so of course this is one of their favorites


Adorable monkey


Slithering Snake....I really like this one.


Panda, who doesn't love Panda's?


I also picked up two of these stashes that were on sale.  I'll be making some patchwork placemats and some other goodies which I'll show you :)


We stopped at Ono's Hawaiian Barbecue for some lunch.  That place is always packed, but I guess we got there at the right time because within 10 minutes it was all but cleared out.  It's SUCH good food...yum.

The last stop was at Sam's Club, I've been looking for Basmati rice but everytime I go to the commissary they are out.  Again must be that bad timing of I picked up this huge bag, don't have to worry about it for a while and besides, I really dig the way it looks.


Today has been all about being in the kitchen.  I'm exhausted but did manage to cook up some yummy stuff.

Lunch was Homemade Hummus and some Grilled Pita Bread.  SO good, if you've never tried making your own hummus you really should.

Homemade Hummus

Right after lunch the kids and I did some school work, they always pick Friday's off and want to do it on there we were for a few hours getting through the lessons.

Soon as those were done, I had to get right into dinner preparations which were Rissois de Galinha or Chicken Rissoles.

Massa para Rissois

Delicious but very time consuming and by the time those were done, dinner was rolling around so onto that.

I'm thankful for bedtime, for my shower, for the moments I get to climb into my bed with my laptop for some blogging, a good book for reading and my shows on the TV.

Tomorrow.....well tomorrow we will begin all over again :)

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