Friday, September 02, 2011

Because it bears repeating..........

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse.

I know that we all have busy lives and I also know that sometimes it's easier to just throw something out without even giving a thought as to what other uses we can still get out of it.

Over the years I have learned to look at things twice before I decide that I no longer need it nor can I use it for anything else.

One of my favorite new fashions of the moment are the Hipster Scarves, they are so neat and I love that you can wear them in winter, and you can wear them in summer over a tank top.  They make a statement but more than that they are just cute to boot.

As I was going through my closet getting rid of clothes that I no longer wanted, don't fit, or I've just outgrown, I remembered to set aside old t-shirts because I've been bookmarking all sorts of great tutorials on refashioning your wardrobe.

Hipster Scarves made from old T-shirts and so quick and easy to do that in less than 5 minutes you will have yourself a super cool fashion accessory.

I grabbed inspiration from a couple of places online like here and here.

Hipster scarves

Grab one of the old t-shirts.   Cut off the hem, and set aside.

Now start cutting the shirt horizontally into strips,  about 1 inch thick or so.  It depends, you can make them a little thicker or even thinner and it will change the way it looks in the end :)

Cut all the way to just below the armpit.

Hipster scarves

Now take take each loop (strip) and give it a good stretch between your hands.    The fabric will curl up and almost double in length.

Grab all the loops in one hand, wrap the hem piece around the whole lot and then tie a knot to secure.

Hipster scarves


Hipster scarves

Hipster scarves

I love the fact that I can try different things, either all one length or a few differing sizes.....or even put two colors together to make it more fun :)

Hipster scarves

So before you throw out all your old shirts, why not turn them into something cool????

Jasmine grabbed the dark one already and claimed it for herself.  Guess I need to make more.

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