Sunday, September 25, 2011

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{ My Crafty Corner - Crocheted Pincushion and Purse Organizer }

I just sewed on the buttons a few minutes ago.

Would you believe me if I told you that I made the pincushion last night in 30 minutes???  Or it may actually have been less, these whip up SO SO fast.

The original idea came from Liselotte in Denmark, check out her blog.   Terri over at Purple and Paisley was kind enough to translate the pattern into English, be sure to go on by and check out her blog as well.   Mary Grace over at Hooked on Needles helped Terri with the pattern so here it is:

Liselotte's Crocheted Pin Cushion in English, via Terri and me!

Start with magic loop of 6 (video of Magic Loop Method coming shortly!)

NOTE: Do not join rounds. Put a marker or piece of scrap yarn in the first stitch of each round to help keep track.

2 sc in each sc - 12 stitches
*1 sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc* Repeat from * to * around - 18 stitches
*1 sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc Repeat from * to * around - 24 stitches
*1 sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc Repeat from * to * around - 30 stitches
*1 sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc Repeat from * to * around - 36 stitches

Continue increasing in this manner until you have 72 stitches, or until the piece is the size you want it.

Make another one in the same manner and the same size.

Join the 2 pieces together at the outside edges, using single crochet with wrong sides together. Before closing up the last 10 stitches or so, stuff pretty firmly with polyester fiberfill, then continue crocheting the opening closed.

Using a doubled piece of yarn, wrap the yarn from the center, around the outside, making pie-shaped wedges spaced evenly around the outside. Pull each one tightly to make the petals puffy. Tie off yarn securely and embellish as you like.

I used re-purposed buttons on the top and bottom of mine. Terri crocheted a little flower for her center. Here are her directions for that:

Start with magic loop of 5 (or how ever many petals you want)
Join with sl st to first sc of the 5 sc in your magic loop.
In that same st, sc, 3 dc, sc and sl st - 1 petal made.
Sl st into next st, sc, 3 dc, sc and sl st - 2 petals made.

Continue around until all petals have been made.
Finish with a sl st in the first petal.
Attach to center of pin cushion.

So let me show you mine.

Crocheted Pincushion

Stitch Markers....what a pain in the behind, I know many like them but they actually confuse me and seem to always get in the way, and after a run in with a closed marker when I first started crocheting, I just decided to do away with them forever.  Yes, I ended up stitching the marker into the crochet LOL

Easier way is to grab a piece of yarn and just drape it over your row of stitches, keep crocheting all the way around, when you get to the beginning, drape it back over again, you'll find that you will either be laying it to the back or bringing it to the front, but anyway you end up with that row of stitches.  Just pull one of the ends and it will come right off :)  (Just make sure it's a contrasting color)

Crocheted Pincushion

I'm so thrilled with the end result, this was so easy to crochet and so quick too, I am telling you I don't even think it was 30 minutes.

Crocheted Pincushion

Now because this was the first one I made, I will admit that I got so confused with the last part of making the wedges with the thread and I ended up with 8 wedges instead of 6, but really, what does it matter?

Crocheted Pincushion

The best part about these, is that they're reversible, this is the other side.

Crocheted Pincushion

I kept this one simple with just one button.....

Crocheted Pincushion

Ahhhhh such prettiness......

Crocheted Pincushion

So there you have it, another really simple and spectacular project which would make great Christmas gifts too :)

Now I'm going to pull out my sewing machine and work on another Purse Organizer.

This pattern comes from The Giving Flower in Germany and it's another that you can make really really fast, it's so simple and the results are magnificent.

Purse Organizer

I hated having all my stuff just floating around the bottom of my bag.....this keeps them all organized and easy to reach for.

Purse Organizer

These are the ones I made it for, but I'm going to make a second one today for other random odds and ends and you know being a mom there is ALWAYS some random/weird/unexpected stuff floating around the purse.

Purse Organizer

Look at all that extra room inside....makes me so happy to see things organized.

Purse Organizer

Alright, I'm out of here, have another organizer to make and maybe some other stuff, not sure yet what :)

Hope you're all having a great Sunday and by the way, I'll be choosing the winner of the Mollie Makes Magazine tonight :)

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