Sunday, September 11, 2011

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The Promise TV Series

It's been a while since I've talked about series I'm watching and you already know that I'm a huge BBC/ITV/Channel 4 fan.  Give me anything from England and I'm as happy as a clam, in my opinion nothing can match the brilliant Period Dramas from the UK.

I have a few places that I follow, keep track of and usually find out about new series or movies coming out, so when I came across The Promise from Channel 4, I was so excited, it sounded just like the kind of show I love watching.

Now I will tell you that I'm not done watching the series, matter of fact I'm only 30 minutes into the first Episode or Part one, but I had to stop and come and tell you all about it.

It's NOT an easy series to watch because it touches on certain subjects that are heart wrenching, such as Concentration Camps.  I will also tell you that within the first 10 minutes I was in tears and saw things that I would rather not have seen, it's THAT thought provoking and touching.  And yes, there is a cuss word here or there, but I am not even paying attention to that because the whole story behind The Promise is captivating enough to keep my attention.

The gripping drama will intercut between two timeframes and stories: that of Erin (Claire Foy), an 18-year-old Londoner who visits present-day Israel for the first time to spend a summer with her friend (Perdita Weeks); and that of her grandfather Len (Christian Cooke) who, in the 1940s was part of the British peace keeping force in Palestine and witnessed first hand the violent events during the last years of the British Mandate.

The story begins when Erin’s best friend, Eliza, the daughter of wealthy Israeli-Jewish parents, is called back to Israel for her National Service and invites Erin along to spend the summer with her and her family. En route, Erin starts to read a diary that she has found that was written by her grandfather in the forties. Moved by his account and the realisation he wasn’t much older than her when he wrote the diary, Erin retraces his steps in modern day Israel, seeing for herself the hard facts of life for both Jewish and Palestinian communities. But as Len’s story unfolds, Erin finds herself on a journey which takes her deep into the Occupied Territories and right to the heart of the unresolved disputes of the Mandate period.

Retracing Len's steps in modern-day Israel, Erin sets out on a heart-breaking journey in an effort to understand and fulfil a promise made by her grandfather over 60 years ago.

The good thing is that I found the links for you to watch online, so again, I just had to share, matter of fact mine is paused at this moment so I could come and talk to you all.

Watch Part 1
Watch Part 2
Watch Part 3
Watch Part 4

Just click on one of the many links on each page, I usually go with the Novamov which seem to be the best :)

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