Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crazy, busy week........

It's been a bit of a nutty week around here, I've been finding myself with no time to do anything.  Mornings seem to merge into afternoons, into evenings and into early mornings again.

And I realize that my last post was on Sunday.  Yikes!

We've been super busy with homeschooling.  The kids are doing so well and having a total blast, they find it amazing that they're studying the same subjects albeit at different levels, but I've had them watch each others videos on the computer and it's helping them both stay on top of what they need to know.

Yesterday afternoon, I dropped Jasmine from Gifted Language Arts back to her 7th Grade level work.  It was just so overwhelming for her and even for me.  I know that being Gifted is a boost to the kid's confidence and she was so proud of it, but my problem is that the amount of work is so much that the grades start slipping and I would rather she continue to be a straight A student at her grade level than drop all her grades.

She's happy with the decision too so it's good all around.

While the kids work on their Math problems or reading, I'm usually right behind them at the stove, getting meals prepared.

Dinner time....

Or I'm washing dishes, or ironing.  No one says that you have to stop everything while you homeschool.

For the birds....

If all housework is caught up, I try to get a few crochet rows in whatever project I'm working on and while snipping the little tails off I like to put them first in a mason jar and when that is full, I put it in a cute little bowl and set it outside.

The birds LOVE collecting these scraps for their nests and I think it brings a smile to my face just imagining super cool colorful nests :)

I've been trying to catch up on TV too, started watching Warehouse 13 which I really enjoy and can't believe I never watched before.

Oh and for my fellow Downton Abbey  watchers, do you know that the second season starts September 18th in the UK?  But only January 8th  here in the States?  Bummer!

Here's a great behind the scenes video for Season Two, I can hardly contain my excitement :)

I'm also plodding away on my book, getting in some good reading when I have a few spare moments but truth be told, by the time I slip into bed at night I'm so exhausted that I seldom get much more than a page in.

Oh and I finally got my hands on some batting so I can finish my placemats which I've been crying over for over a week now, I don't like cutting something out and getting excited only to have to see it sitting there all miserable LOL

Alright, it's 9:38pm and this mama is so tired, it's been one of those days, grocery shopping, back home to put everything away, start laundry, fold laundry, start dishwasher, prepare lessons, prepare lunch, homeschooling, pay bills, out to Walmart for some school supplies, grab a quick dinner and back home where I'm ready to just take a hot bath and head to bed.

How has your week been so far? 

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