Sunday, September 18, 2011

# mollie makes giveaway

Mollie Makes Issue #4 - Giveaway

So while running my errands earlier today, I ended up close to Barnes and Noble and decided to run in and see if maybe, just maybe I would be lucky enough to find Mollie Makes. 

And I did, there were only 4 issues left so I quickly snagged mine and did a little jig.  Now granted that I have issue #1 and now #4 but nothing in between, and that is a bummer, but I'm not complaining because honestly, after months of searching for the mag, the mere fact that I found it is enough to make me smile.

This issue is filled with as much eye candy and goodness as the first one, I mean the cover itself is delicious.

I haven't had time to read through the magazine because I literally JUST stepped in the door, but after quickly browsing through I couldn't get enough of these pages, what a stunning house.  It belongs to Sarah in Rye, East Sussex. Sarah is currently in the process of opening her own design lead family store, Lion Street Store in Rye.

Oh I love it so much :)

I'm totally digging those little monster pillows on the couch, how cute is that???

Anyway, this issue like I said above, looks to be just as good as the first one.  If you want you can look at your local Barnes and Noble or Joann Fabrics for the Mollie Makes magazine, but take it from someone who's been on the hunt for it from the first issue, it's NOT easy finding it, it seems to sell like hot cakes.

So what did I do?  I picked up my copy AND an extra to giveaway, because I love my readers and because I would love to share this magazine with as many people as I can, if only I was rich, I would buy everyone a subscription.  I love it THAT much.  Heads up though because most of these mags don't seem to bring the Kits attached that you would get through subscription, so don't come hunt me down when you get your mag and the Kit is not here, I promise, I didn't get one either :)

---- all you need to do, if you haven't already is to follow Diary of a Stay at Home Mom on Facebook

---- then leave me a comment here and let me know that you're already a follower or are following now, 

---- also let me know if you know about Mollie Makes or if this is the first time you're hearing about it and if the issue will be for you or someone else.  (I'm assuming if you're like me, you won't give it to anyone and you'll clutch it tightly in your hands).

That's it.  Open to US and Canada residents only.  I will draw a winner next week Sunday, the 25th.

Good Luck, and if you think your friends would like a chance to win the mag, let them know too.  :)

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