Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodness gracious


I don't have the patience for being under the weather.  It knocks me out of balance and it just makes things a little crazy around here, or rather, crazier than usual because honestly I don't think they could get any nuttier than they already are.

I've been feeling a little out of it, I think it's a combination of the vapors (hahahaha), allergies and even a little cold I seem to be coming down with.  So as you can see, it's been a bit of an annoyance.

Thankfully I have an amazing family and they're always there when I need some time to myself, so needless to say I've been taking it easy, being allowed to lounge on my bed with good books or movies and just concentrating on getting better.

Hubby took over meal duties and he's done quite well, I have to say, he can make a mean steak.

This long weekend wasn't spent partying it up, it was spent indoors with us just hanging out, taking it easy and doing pretty much what we love doing, spending time together as a family.

Though we did go out on Saturday, hubby decided to take us to lunch at Pizza Hut


and then head on over to the Wildlife World Zoo, which we've been to before but we always have fun and if nothing else, petting the Manta Ray's and the sharks is always a highlight.  Best part of it is that right now for Science, Nicholas is learning about Animals, body parts, structures etc and he was able to incorporate all that into what he was seeing and touching at the zoo.  Best part of homeschooling!




Learning about something and being able to go hands on that same day or the day after, is something that is severely lacking in normal public school and yet again, just cements the fact that we made the absolute best idea to homeschool.

Sunday morning started off like this..............yes folks, I'm not always put together, I'm not always wearing make up or worried that my hair is done. I also don't hide who I am.


Funny enough, my kids and husband all looked at me this morning and said "You look so cute today" LOL I think I had a shocked look on my face because honestly, I was wearing frumpy baggy clothes, had just stepped out of the shower and had a towel on my head. Guess they love me no matter what I look like :)


I pottered around as long as I could.......got the dishes taken care of


Plants were watered and pruned


A game was set up outside on the patio for Nicholas to play


watched his beautiful mind come up with games on his own, invent his own rules and just have fun being a kid


Homeschooling was done, got some extra lessons in and we all got to make our own backbones


This morning, we headed to the Youth Center for the Homeschool PE Program. Nicholas had a blast exercising and just making new friends. It was good for him to get out and play with kids his own age, especially now that all his friends have left to other bases.


We had lunch with the Homeschool group and then came home. Thankfully my hubby is on leave this week so he's here and told me to go lay down because he had everything else under control.

So after sitting for a bit more, getting some lessons ready, we did some homeschooling and had some leftovers for dinner and now here I am, back in bed, dark circles under the eyes, hot water bottle on my stomach and snuggled with one of my crochet blankies,  trying to give this unwell feeling a good ol kick in the behind once and for all.


Thank goodness I have Sarah Prine and the rest of the family keeping me company.


I'm down to the last few pages and I'm feeling bitter sweet. I've so loved this story, going back in time and growing with the characters....but I'm sad to see this wonderful trilogy come to an end.

Think I'll watch a few more episodes of Warehouse 13 and then call it a night.


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