Sunday, September 18, 2011

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{ Weekend Roundup }

It's been a pretty busy weekend around here, lots of errands to run and some sewing in between, which always makes me happy.

I have gone months without touching my sewing machine and now it's like a new found love for it that has me rubbing my hands together in anticipation of my next project.

So let me show you what I've been doing this weekend.

::::: Saturday

Hot coffee and toast with Spiced Apple Butter


Few errands to run, a stop at Walmart and a few goodies to add to my sewing stash


First two projects made yesterday.  A Hot and Cold Comfort Bag and a new Checkbook cover for my purse


Roast Chicken and Potatoes for dinner


Then I stepped outside with my camera, it was so beautiful and felt amazing, just the perfect weather for watching the stars.  I am an avid astrophotographer, even though a total amateur at it but you can't get good if you don't practice right? 

So I've been trying with different settings and changing this and that and I took this picture of the huge orange moon, though it doesn't look like it, hubby says I caught the Little Dipper too.  YAY!

But a wonky tripod leg busted right as the pic was taken so it looks like I'm drunk Hahahah


::::: Sunday

Chocolate chip and Banana Pancake Squares for breakfast


We had to make a run to Best Buy this morning for some headphones for my husband, but ran into Barnes and Noble too where I was thrilled to find my Mollie Makes magazine and an extra for a lucky reader

Back home I got right to my next project which included using this fabulous bird fabric and turning it into a strap for my camera, no more ugly black uncomfortable strap.  


Dinner had been cooking all day in the crockpot and by the time we sat down it was droolworthy.

Beef, banana peppers and provolone cheese sandwiches.  YUMMY!


And I'm now going to sit down with my new Mollie Makes and ooh and aah for a bit before getting to bed.

God bless,

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