Wednesday, September 14, 2011

# homeschooling

Sometimes Homeschooling goes like this.......

One minute we have our noses in our Science textbooks learning about vertebrates, invertebrates, shelters etc........


And the next minute, Nicholas is off, asking for a quick break to do something that will help with his lesson.....little Lola doesn't seem the least affected by what is going on around her.


I found him in the fort (shelter) with a flashlight. 


"It's a cave mom, and it's my shelter, this is how the animals protect themselves"........


Where in public school would he be able to jump up in the middle of a lesson and act out what he is learning?

After the time spent in there, he came out ready to tackle the rest of the lesson and with a better understanding of what we were learning.

I love homeschooling 

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