Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More sewing and some rain

Well hi there, I hope you are having a great day, as good as mine was :)

I woke up to cloudy skies and the feel of fall in the air.  I think it's my favorite season of all, but I think it's because it also means the beginning of some of my favorite holidays, yes, I'm already thinking Turkey and Sweet Potato Casserole and Christmas trees and gifts and ahhhhhh.  You know what I mean.

So anyway, let me show you what I did today.  I had some leftover quilting fabric and wanted to do something with it before packing the sewing machine away, so I got down to business.

Patchwork Dish Mat

I'm SO not a perfect sewer, matter of fact no matter how hard I try to cut things the same sizes, I always end up not getting it quite right LOL  But, I don't want perfection anyway because I think that when something is handmade it needs to look it :)

Patchwork Dish Mat

I just used different fabric pieces that I had leftover, sewed them all in some sort of patchwork, then I used an old hand towel that I had laying around....placed it on top of the finished front, right sides facing each other, pinned it and cut it to size.

Patchwork Dish Mat

Sewed it all the way around, left an opening to turn it inside out.  Then sewed another stitch all the way around the edges.  Pressed it and VOILA!

Patchwork Dish Mat

Super cute dish mat.  I'm so thrilled with it, thrilled with the colors, the way it turned out and how the dishes look on it :)

Patchwork Dish Mat

This is NOT my pattern, I saw it online around the same time I found the one for the placemats but stupidly forgot to bookmark the pattern, so I made it from memory. I did go back and look for it and found it, so if you want the pattern, you can download it here.

Patchwork Dish Mat

Of course I had the usual daily life going on.

We are in the middle of Unit Tests and Reviews for schooling, so the lessons have been a little lighter this week, thankfully.

While the kids took their tests, I got the dishes taken care of while finishing watching The Promise.  Oh.my.word!  Phenomenal series.  Amazing acting, amazing scenery, it was just brilliant.

Really soon after we were done with schooling, the skies got darker and darker.


And we actually got some rain, some real water.  No kidding!  I love rain so much and we need it badly here.


Whipped up a quick dinner, some steaks and some tomato rice, yum.

Tomato Rice

Tomorrow, another day of homeschooling, housecleaning and general stay at home mom stuff....in the afternoon though we need to run to the butcher shop to pick up our order for the freezer...all 60lbs of it.  YAY!

I best skidaddle on out of here. 


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