Wednesday, January 04, 2012

{ A day like any other }


I think one of the things that most causes women to dislike housework, is the fact that it is so monotonous, same thing every single day, without much change, over and over and when you're done, you do it yet over again.

For me though, it's a rhythmic movement that I am so accustomed to that without it, I am afraid I would be going insane.  It's relaxing, or at least I find it so.

So today, it's been a day like any other, with just a tiny change because it's Wednesday and Wednesday in this home has been deemed Sewing day.  I think that right there is the biggest advice I can give, not that you need a Sewing day, but call it whatever you want to call it, whatever you enjoy doing as a hobby.

When you make up a routine or schedule for yourself, remember that you also need to allot time for those things that make you happy.  Now I call mine Sewing day but it does incorporate a lot of things, not just creating new projects, but darning (oh the shock, does anyone even darn anything anymore or am I really old fashioned?) and on those days that I have none of that, then I crochet or knit or do whatever I need to do that is not exactly housework.  You get the point.

Pretty Crochet Trim

Made this adorable jar trim inspired by the lovely Lucy at Attic 24.  I've decided I'm going to make some in white to trim the shelves in my pantry :)


Since it was sewing day, my attention quickly shifted to the newest project which is causing quite a stir in this household, my kids are besides themselves with joy over these guys and I must admit that apart from being super cute and easy to make, they do make me giggle.  Their angry faces just crack me up.


The collection is slowly growing..........


He was the last one I made today and I think he's one of my sweet.


but I have also run out of felt and don't have anywhere near enough to continue, so I'm setting this project aside until the weekend when I can make another run to Michael's for more.  I've decided to make two big angry birds for the kids, can't wait to see their faces.


By the time I had the sewing machine and items packed away, I started getting a really bad headache, my sinus starting screaming at me and I felt warm.  Thermometer said 100 degrees.  Oh boy!

So I immediately attacked it and apart from still being congested right now, I seem to be feeling much much better.  I have now been able to avoid getting a cold for the past year.  Every time I feel one coming on, I drink a big glass of orange juice and take some motrin or tylenol.  Seems to do the trick.


Made a quick dinner....remember the meat I was marinating for the past two was that good.  I hadn't made it in a while and had forgotten just how delicious it was....added a little salad to go with it and called it good....


and while I had the lettuce out I quickly threw together another jarred salad for my hubby's lunch tomorrow.


Carne de Alguidar.....I will have the recipe up tomorrow morning.


As the sun started setting, I set about washing the dishes and thinking about the day, what I did, what I still have to do and what I have planned for tomorrow.


It's at the kitchen sink doing the dinner dishes that I usually give a quick rundown of what needs to be prepared for the next day, like moving meat from the freezer to the refrigerator, setting the breakfast table etc.


But now, I'm retiring to my room, going to drink another glass of orange juice and settle down with my beast of a blankie and my kindle for a little


I am almost finished with Maid to Match by Deanne Gist and then I'm going to watch Young Herriot from BBC.


And speaking of British TV, I have watched quite a few great shows that some of you might enjoy.

Living with the Amish  - Even though it was only 6 episodes long, I really enjoyed the series and looked forward to the new episodes every week.  It was wonderful seeing the Amish communities up close and personal and also watching how the teens interacted with them.

You can watch all the episodes online here.....or here.

Great Expectations 2011 - Gillian Anderson stars as Mrs Havisham and she was absolutely phenomenal.  If you love Great Expectations I don't think this one will disappoint.

You can also watch it on YouTube here.

Land Girls - I have loved this series and matter of fact, just finished Season 4 last night.  Drama following the lives and loves of four girls away from home, doing their bit for Britain in the Women's Land Army.

You can watch Season 1 on Netflix and for Season 2 and 3, I think you can watch it at this site :)


I'm also getting ready to watch Young Herriot, The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff, The Borrowers, the new Treasure Island on Sky and next week The Mystery of Edwin Drood on BBC.

So yes, lots of good stuff and by the way, if you've never watched Victorian Farm and Edwardian Farm, you might like it.  It is along the same lines as The 1940's House, Frontier House, Manor House, Colonial House etc.  :)

Alrighty then, I think this post has gone on long enough.  I am going to get into my crochet for a little before my eyes start shutting.

God Bless,


  1. There's so much goodness in this post I just don't know where to start!! Love your "Angry Birds"!! My kids would love them as well! Just awesome! The Amish tv show looks great!! Have you read Suzanne Woods Fishers books on the Amish?! I love them! When I feel a cold coming on I do the O.J. Too, but use Oil of Oregano instead of traditional drugs... it works for me like magic! ;)

    Would you consider doing a tutorial for your Angry Birds? I'd be so grateful!

  2. I love all your movie and book recommendations. Always so good! We just finished downton abbey and LOVE it!

    I was wondering if you would want to be a guest one Blissful and Domestic. I do a Getting to Know You post each Sunday. Where you get to introduce your cute blog to all my readers. Interested?

  3. OOOOOOOOOH do you have a pattern for the adorable jar trim

  4. The jar with the candle on the window sill looks so pretty.

    So I have another camera question for you. Did you teach yourself by fiddling around with the camera or is there a resource you learned from. I have the same camera as you and am totally illiterate in the manual mode. I want to learn but need something really easy peasy!

  5. I've just come back to your blog after about a year away (blaming a new computer and loss of my favorite list) and am so glad to return and glad you have decided to increase your blogging! You are a great inspiration. Your ideas are phenomenal, but your attitude is what inspires me most.


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