Friday, January 27, 2012

{ Friday Favorites - #4 }


If you have something special you would like to show, if you have a trinket which has a special meaning for you or maybe something you have just found and own or would like to have. It could be anything, a trinket, a book, a new cookware set, a necklace, a photograph, a project you're working on or finished....anything that you love and would like to show us all.

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I've shown you a few things already but today's is really one of my favorites, because the items I'm showing you make my house a home.


These crochet doilies are ones which I brought with me from South Africa when I got married.  I actually started collecting them when I was a teenager because I wanted to have as many as my stepmother did.  I just loved how she had them all over the home, in corners here and there.


I've talked about how my greatgrandmother was a big influence on my cooking, how my grandmother was a big influence on my sewing, but the one woman who was the biggest influence in homemaking and everything that went into it, was my stepmom Nela.  :)


She is the reason I Menu Plan, she is the reason my grocery lists still look like a carbon copy of hers, she's the reason I know how to do paperwork, how to make a budget, how to pay bills, how to take care of a home and what to clean and when.
I truly have been blessed to have been raised among strong amazing women.


Everytime I walk by one of these doilies I think of her, and I think of home and as much as it hurts that I'm so far from everyone, it does help in a way, it makes me feel just a little closer.

I know many people don't particularly like doilies, they find them old fashioned, but for me, they give a personal touch, they really do say "Home Sweet Home".


  1. Sandra, your collection of doilies is wonderful. They sure do give a house a homey feel. Sorry you have to be so far away from your family in South Africa but we are glad that you are here.


  2. I love doilies! I don't collect them, but I have quite a few as well.
    You're lucky to have had a strong role model to teach you all of these handy things. My mother preferred to do everything herself so now as an adult I often find myself lost on many household tasks-especially cooking & menu planning! Though as a result I plan on making sure my children are well taught on all matters before they become adults.

  3. I only have one doily, my mom passed it on to me when I got married. It was made by my grandma who passed away about 5 years ago. Unfortunately something red got spilled on one edge of it and no matter what I do to try cleaning it there is still a pink stain. :( I wish I could get the stain out because I loved having it out on my kitchen table.

  4. Sandra, I have all the doilies my mother crocheted. I treasure them so much now that she is gone. I also have all her afghans she made. When I'm missing her I snuggle under one and it is like she is hugging me. Hope everyone gets better. Renate

  5. I so agree with your beautiful post about your stepmom and the dollies. I love frilly, lacey things in my home, too.

  6. I love the pictures of your home. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love the doilies! I have them all over my house too (like my mom). I so enjoy this feature. Next week I'll be on the ball and participate!

  8. I remember my grandma having doilies around her house too. I don't have any now. But I'm sure I will at some point.

  9. Dear Sandra

    Thanks for sharing your lovelies and thanks for hosting this linky!

    I'd like to invite you to the two new parties I am hosting this year - Inspire Me Monday and Friendship Friday. Each has a different slant - I hope you'll stop by and check them out!

    Have a blessed weekend!


  10. I just want to tell you how big a fan I am of your blog. I hope you keep posting. My secret biggest dream is to be a homemaker, so I love how you put so much effort into keeping your home beautiful and filled with good smells, good sounds, good food. I want to try a lot of your recipes. I also wish I were as skilled (with my hands and with the camera) as you are! Keep posting! :)

  11. Those are treasures! I love that you have them out. I have one doily from my step-grandma and it's a treasure too!

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