Friday, January 06, 2012

{ Friday Favorites - #1 }


Welcome to my new feature called Friday Favorites!

I used to do something similar years ago and I thought it would be a nice feature to bring back to life.

So what exactly is Friday Favorites?

If you have something special you would like to show, if you have a trinket which has a special meaning for you or maybe something you have just found and own or would like to have. It could be anything, a trinket, a book, a new cookware set, a necklace, a photograph, a project you're working on or finished....anything that you love and would like to show us all.

Take a photo, or two, or it on your blog and come back and link up using Mr Linky.

Please only include links directly to your post and only those pertaining to Friday Favorites. Anything not related WILL be removed.

I can't wait to see what you all have to share :)

So I'll start with showing you one of my favorite things.


It may not look like much to you, it may even have you wondering what is so special about these old Portuguese recipes put together quite badly actually with some staples.


But the meaning to me, is one which I find hard to put into words.


It reminds me of my great grandma Ema, matter of fact we put these together when I was just a little girl, sitting around the kitchen, trying to cook just like her, I remember cutting these out of a cooking magazine and then neatly placing them in a pile, I was determined to use those when I grew up, my very own recipes.


The thought thrilled me to no end and my great grandma knowing how much I loved them called me over to her one morning and said "Sandra, let's sit down and get those recipes put together so you don't lose them".


I was so excited, I grabbed them all, placed them in categories and then waited for her to help me.

I can still vividly remember her hands cutting the twine, tying it around the pages.


And I can tell you that I had forgotten what gems of the Portuguese Cuisine lie hidden in these pages....just picking them up again today and flipping through has brought tears to my eyes, I only wish that my great grandma was here with me, watching me cook and bake and carrying on the wonderful lessons and values she instilled in me.


That is my biggest gift ever.  But for now I will just be content in knowing that these little booklets of recipes have a special place in my favorite things :)


  1. What wonderful memories you have of and with you great grandmother, Sandra!

    What a treasure to someday pass on to Jasmine and/or Nicholas!

  2. Those are treasures for sure! I'm so glad you are able to enjoy them!

  3. That is a special recipe book, indeed, Sandra!

  4. what an amazing treasure!!! you are so blessed to have this & to have had that time w/ your great grandmother.

  5. I found this link through Mari and am happy to begin participating in this. I did a Show & Tell posting from May, 2007 until December, 2010 and always enjoyed both posting items and seeing other's interesting things. You certainly have lovely memories and item.

  6. That is a wonderful cookbook and memory to share, Sandra. I liked reading the "favorite" things of all of the other ladies who posted. I bet your group will grow in a short time.

    Thanks for sharing, Debbi

  7. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! I can imagine how excited you must have been! What does your husband do in the Air Force? Michael is a pilot select...we're off for training in a few months... :)

  8. And I must say that those are very sweet memories wrapped up in that cookbook. So special!!

  9. Nothing from me yet Sandra, but this is just beautiful what you have put here from your great grandma... love it.. great memories..Sue


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