Saturday, January 14, 2012

{ Five Senses Saturday }


This is going up pretty late today, but I figure, better late than never right?  :)

I've just had such a busy, go go go go day and am only now getting a moment to sit down and relax.  So without further ado, here we go:


- Pugs running around in the living room playing
- Birds chirping from my facebook Castleville game

- Nicholas talking to his new turtle, he is so cute :)
- Music playing from Jasmine's room

- The tap tap of the keyboard keys as I type this post


- Bags from the grocery shopping this morning, waiting for me to roll them up and pack
- Spareribs in the sink waiting to be marinated for tomorrow

- A laundry basket full waiting to be thrown in the washer

- My newest crochet project sitting on my counter

- Candles I just lit as it got really dark outside with rain clouds


- the hard shell of a turtle, it will get some getting used to by me

- the soft balls of yarn as I sort through my stash

- my daughter's curly hair as I fix it for her

- dough ingredients as I get bread ready to make

- the books I just received for review


- ice cold diet coke that I got from Sonic
- brownie obsession from TGI Friday's

- the whole bar of chocolate I devoured because it's THAT time LOL

- caramel mocha

-grilled salmon and garlic potatoes


- maple sausage frying for breakfast
- vanilla and lavender body wash

- lavender candle burning in the living room
- peanut butter and jelly sandwich

- maui onion Poore Brother chips


Unknown said...

wow...I am overloaded now...Love the pics. love the senses...this was a good post.Hugs,Mica

Immaculate said...

love love your blog. it inspired me to start my own but it has no posts at the moment. can i use senses, wordless wednesdays, happy homemakers monday and cooking thursdays in my blog? Immaculate

Christina said...

Loved this post, you had to mention Sonic though, now it's on my mind!! The turtle is neat too. I'd much rather fix Jasmine's beautiful hair then touch the turtle.