Saturday, January 21, 2012

{ Five Senses Saturday }


It's a quiet relaxing Saturday, just the perfect setting to really hone in on my senses and jot down what is going on around me.


Credit:  Richard Scarry

- The washer running, I think the load is unbalanced because it's clunking loud
- Crunching of chips as hubby and son munch on some nachos

- Disney channel on the TV
- Nerina Pallot "This will be our year" playing on my Spotify
- Curt and Jasmine talking about time, does it exist, does it not, the universe etc.



- My placemats hanging on the kitchen bench, drying
- My Kindle charging next to my laptop

- My nail polish sitting on the counter, I couldn't find it earlier, just did

- Lola resting on the couch

- Jasmine sitting at the dining table, drawing



- the candle I shared with you yesterday

- the eye ointment that we have to apply to Lola's eye

- soft bread dough as I knead it

- cold, wet laundry as I move it from the washer to the dryer

- the softness of my mink blanket on the bed



- Almond and Orange took me back to Portugal
- Roast beef, caramelized onions and horseradish sliders

- ice cold water with a wedge of lemon

- nachos we had for lunch

- orange chicken and rice



- orange rind
- honeysuckle body wash from Cath Kidston

- someone grilling food in the neighborhood
- onions as I chopped them for the nachos

- laundry detergent loaded into the washer


  1. Hi Sandra. The tart looks amazing. Like you said, takes you back to Portugal. When we were children, driving to Algarve, my parents always stopped at this little bakery in Ourique to get similar tarts. It's been almost twenty years that I had one. Would you mind sharing the recipe? Thanks so much.

  2. It must be a beautiful, home/family type of day - the kind that is cozy and familiar.

    Good job!

  3. Your "Senses Saturdays" are by far my favorites! Such a beautiful way of expressing daily life! I love it!


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