Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Early morning chat

Good morning everyone :)

Won't you come on in and chat with me, I have some hot Hazelnut Coffee and Cinnamon Toast waiting.

I usually post at night, it gives me time to gather some photos during the day, and share anything that has gone on, but I've decided to maybe change things up a little and start posting in the mornings.

It might just set the mood for the rest of the day, and as for sharing photos I can still do that, I'll just be sharing the previous days going ons.  No biggie right?  It's what I used to do back in the day anyway.

So, here I am on this beautiful Tuesday morning, thinking of what I have ahead for the day, which includes a trip to the grocery store, some homeschooling, some more laundry which just never ends, and I'm hoping to get in some sewing on the quilt.

And speaking of sewing, for those of you lucky enough to live in the UK, premiering tonight on BBC Two is The Great British Sewing Bee.  Finally, a show devoted to us sewers, and how exciting is that?

You know I learned how to sew with my grandmother Odete, who is a seamstress, though she really doesn't do much anymore, she's 89 years old now so it's harder for her to work with a needle and thread.

I've mentioned her before on my blog, and how much she taught me, not just sewing wise.

So, yes, one show I think I will really enjoy, and I'm quite sure there are other sewers out there who will like it just as much.  If you do want to watch and are no in the UK, I will give you links as soon as they are available online.

It's just shy of 7:30AM, and the kids are both still asleep.

I need to take one last look at my grocery list and menu to be sure that I have everything.  I can't tell you how many times I have assumed I was prepared only to end up either missing out a meal by miscounting the days in the week, or thinking that I have something in the fridge/pantry and then realizing after grocery shopping that I don't.

And I don't know about the rest of you, but I never really return to the store between grocery days.  The whole thing of running back and forth every day for something, just does not appeal to me, so I usually do what I'm good at....make do with what I have.

We're quickly approaching the end of this school year, and I think the kids are about ready to be done.  You know how children get to this time of the year and their brains seem to shut off in anticipation for summer?

I don't know if they're burned out, or just eager for the break, but getting things done become increasingly harder and it's a fight to the end.  To be honest, I'm usually ready for summer time as well, there's nothing I like more than summer days when you wake up when you feel like it, you have no routines, no running around, no busy schedules and everyone is relaxed.

Something we do have to work on right now are Jasmine's High School courses.

It boggles my mind, quite frankly, because I did all my schooling in South Africa and things were done differently.

So, today, my husband and I are sitting down with her after dinner, and we'll be going through and picking courses.

To tell you the truth, it's a bitter sweet moment for me.  I can't believe that she's getting so big to the point of starting High School.  I still see her as my little Jasmine, and it tugs at my heart to think that she's quickly becoming a young lady and in two years she'll be driving and then off to college and then married and children.....UGH.....help me!  LOL

And now I better skidaddle on out, my coffee has gone cold and there's nothing worse than reaching for the mug, taking a big swig and....yeah....gross.  Time for a quick refill, then I have to get dressed for the day and be on my way.

I do hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday.  I will be coming around to say hi to everyone later today, probably this afternoon when I get a few moments in.  I've noticed it's kind of quiet around blogland, not sure why, but I'll find out right? :)

Oh and before I leave, you are all still invited to my Pampered Chef online party.  Don't forget you have until Friday to put in your order, and there are so many great products out there, old and new, I think half of my kitchen is Pampered Chef actually.  hahahah

Just go on over to the party website and place your order, and if you do I thank you and appreciate it :)


Lunch - probably sandwiches, pickles, yogurt or fruit.
Dinner -  One Pot Sausage Etouffee


The Great British Sewing Bee on BBC Two
Keeping Britain Alive:  The NHS in a Day on BBC Two
Doctors on BBC One
History Detectives on PBS


Grocery Shopping
Paying Bills
Working on Pampered Chef Online Party
Fill out intent to return for homeschooling


  1. Hiya - a slug would look rocket propelled compared to this computer this afternoon! I am also really looking forward to the Sewing Bee this evening. So nice to see the things I like doing showcased!

    It has been very quiet around Blogdom for the past while, but I am hoping that everyone was spending time with their families and loved ones, and that s a great reason to be absent!

    I forgot to take the meat for dinner out of the freezer. Oops. It is after 4pm. We make be having omelettes for supper.

  2. I just love reading your Blog...I also only make one trip to the store...Mom & I went grocery shopping every other Thursday for over 32 years...I carry on tradition!! Occasionally I have to pick up something or a church dinner or to deliver to someone. It other than that I do not go between times...oh and your coffee smells so Good...Love Aunt Nita

  3. Don't you love a peaceful house in the morning before the kids are up? I have to admit that my kids are up before me 99% of the time.. lol! Hope you had a great day!! :)

  4. Great post Sandra. I love reading about your life, your family. You and your son both take after your grandmother. I think Jasmine takes more after her Dad. You have a lovely family.

    I can't believe Jasmine is picking out high school courses already. Time is zipping right along, and I think you are doing wonderful with the home schooling and am glad you chose to do that for them.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. Hi Sandra,

    It has been a while since I last stopped by your blog. I started a new blog and I am trying to get back in to it while going to school full time. I look forward to reading more. I can't believe how big your kids have gotten. Have a good one. :)

  6. Sandra you have your grandma's eyes!!
    I don't like shopping of any kind so I really try to go every two weeks. I live 24 miles from the grocery store...so that is a problem. A Family Dollar did just open 7 miles from me so maybe I can stretch my trips to the grocer even more!! That excites me! Lol!

  7. Hi Darla - I'm reading your blog in the evening and it just relaxes me. Now do you live in GB or did I miss something???

  8. I need to start visiting "blogland" as you put it early in the morning and just getting an earlier start to my day, in general. Not two years ago I was up every morning before sunrise and loved the quiet and stillness. Nowadays, I get up with the baby at 4 or 5 am, get my husband out the door, then go back to bed until the baby wakes up again because sleep seems so precious. However, even if it's only 8 or 9 when we get up, it feels like the morning's gone. Today I decided not to go back to bed and get some things done. Now that they are, I can catch up on my blog reading. Great post! Time certainly flies!

  9. You have such a full life!! My grandkids are home schooled...the oldest is 18 now...and in his second year of Millwright! Hard to believe he will have his papers before he is 20! The others are all going to be in Jr High or High School grades next year...one is attending school the rest their mommies still school them! I am sure it is a rewarding time!!

  10. Poor Jason is the guy that gets to stop by the store when I realize I don't have something we need. Saves us on gas rather than me making a trip to town...he does it on his way home. I'm trying to do better with that though.

    I know what you mean with Jasmine...same thing with Joy. Time flies!

    I'll try to check out your Pampered Chef party.

    Have a great day!

  11. You are so good about your menu and shopping..I always forget something, even when I really try to get it right..oh well, someday. xo


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