Monday, April 08, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday - 04/08/2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning ladies.

Here we are, another Monday morning and a whole week ahead.  Sure do hope it's a good one for everyone.

The weather.....
It's been beautiful, but then again I think it's because we're not in the middle of the scorching summer yet. 

Right now I am....
About to have my coffee, this morning is a Vanilla Biscotti kinda morning.  Talking to hubby about our son's birthday on Thursday, talking about some decisions we have to make and just watching him get ready for work.
That it's Monday morning and that I would rather still be in bed.   Also thinking about my son's birthday and what I have to do in preparation for that, things like make the sugar paste for the cake and his Minecraft plushies etc.

On my reading pile....
An Elm Creek Quilts Collection by Jennifer Chiaverini.  (It's 3 books in one, I've finished the first and am on to the second, really enjoying this series)
The Kingmaker's Daughter by Phillipa Gregory

On my TV.....
This week, I'll be watching quite a few things, and also plan on filling my days with period dramas.  Speaking of which, I updated the Period Drama List this weekend, and have added well over 100 links to movies/shows and documentaries. 

Helicopter Rescue
The Great British Sewing Bee
The Baby Bomb
Paul Hollywood's Bread
Great British Ghosts
Doctor Who


Haunted Collector
Deep South Paranormal
Stan Lee's Superhumans
The Dead Files

Blog hopping (newly discovered blog)....
Nottingham Daily Photo

On the menu for this week....

Monday:  Baked Garlic Chicken with Rice
Tuesday:  Spaghetti, Homemade Cheesy Breadsticks
Wednesday:  Slow Cooked French Dip Sandwiches
Thursday:  Nic's Birthday (Out for dinner)
Friday:  Smothered Chicken, Roasted Potato Wedges
Saturday:  Enchiladas Verdes with Salad
Sunday:  Chicken Fettucine with Homemade Noodles

On my to do list....
Homemaking (make beds, sweeping, vacuuming, bathrooms, laundry, dusting)
Make the sugar paste for the birthday cake

In the craft basket....
Red, white and blue quilt.
Crochet Ripply Blanket.
Minecraft Enderman, Butter Block, Grass Block, TNT Block

Looking forward to this week....
My son turning 10 years old.  I can't believe time has gone by so quickly, not quite sure I'm ready to have no littles left in the house.  

Looking around the house....
Some dishes in the sink that didn't fit in the washer last night.  A few items on the kitchen table that need to be put away.
I have a few loads of laundry to get through as well.
Kids are still asleep and it's really quite in here, so at the moment it's just me and the pugs in the living room.

From the camera....


On my prayer list.....
Brother and sister in law, they have an important appointment tomorrow.

Bible verse, Devotional....
Exodus 33:12-13 (NIV) - Moses said to the Lord, “You have been telling me, ‘Lead these people,’ but you have not let me know whom you will send with me. You have said, ‘I know you by name and you have found favor with me.’ If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I may know you and continue to find favor with you. Remember that this nation is your people.”


  1. It looks like you have plenty on your list..You always have such a good attitude about everything, it is such a joy to come and visit you.

    Have a lovely day! xo

  2. Thank you for hosting, I am linking up for the first time :)

  3. Happy Monday! I'm so jealous of your gorgeous weather! I absolutely love everything Phillipa Gregory has written! So glad I found you from the blog party!

  4. Happy Monday and Happy Birthday to Nicholas this week!

  5. Happy Monday Sandra. Have a lovely week.

  6. I have watched Stan Lee's Superhumans on Netflix and really liked it. My husband and I still bring it up sometimes. I will have to take a peak at your period dramas list. I love them.

  7. Have a great week! I look forward to seeing the birthday cake pics.

  8. Love that coffee pic. Did you use a stencil for that heart? So cute!

  9. My middle daughter is turning 10 this week as well! Just crazy! Time goes by soo quickly!! *sigh* Hope your "little one" has a fabulous birthday! :)

    On an off note, I sent you an email... its to whatever email you use to comment on my blog... :)

  10. Sandra, Elizabeth here from I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that you are an amazing inspiration! Also, I am so new to blogging and had no idea how to get my postings out there and still have a LOOONG ways to go, BUT I wanted to thank you for posting about the UBP13! Through the blog party I have grown a bit just in the last couple days! I hope I continue to share and to hopefully inspire many, many people as well (which is a goal for me)! So, Thank You! :D

  11. I am visiting from the UBP13. Your blog is probably my favorite so far (sorry to the others) The photos are awesome! I love your little pug, I love that you crochet, I love your pictures of coffee and food! my oh my. Job well done mama :)

    A Table for Five


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