Saturday, April 06, 2013

Spring Air!


Good morning :)

It's a beautiful day here in Arizona.  We're at 72 degrees right now which feels just fabulous, there's the sound of birds chirping outside, my windows are all open, the sprinkler is going, the flowers in the front of the house are being watered.....yes I do believe it's a good spring day.

I've been really enjoying the weather, matter of fact, yesterday I spent a few hours out on the patio.


I quite enjoy sitting under the umbrella, watching the cars drive by, the dogs play in the yard, and the birds flying overhead. 


It's quiet and calm, and I just plug away at my current crochet project.  The only real loud noise next to me is the buzzing of the honeybees on my lemon tree, they just love the blossoms.


And of course little Miss Lola is always by my side.  This is how she expects me to crochet.  Silly pug.


And ever so often, she will paw at my hand for me to hug her and kiss her.  She is definitely spoiled, but I don't mind, she's my baby.


After sitting outside for a while, I went to check the mail box and what a surprise I had waiting for me. 

One of my dear friends, Alicia, is stationed in England, and she knows how much I love Doctor Who, so she sent me some stamps from the 50th Anniversary collection. 


Oh my, just what I wanted.  Of course the kids were super excited too, and so was the hubby, as we are HUGE Whovians in this household.  They do know that these are collectible and will not be used in any mail.  I mean how could I?


But that wasn't all she sent me, oh my giddy heart.  Jane Austen stamps.  Gorgeous Jane Austen stamps the movie titles.  Won't be using these either.  They will both be safeguarded and treasured for many years to come.


Stepped outside this morning, and admired my purple leaf basil, it's stunning and the photo doesn't do it justice.  And the aroma?  Wow!


All my plants seem to be thriving outside.  They are right under my kitchen window and I've tried many years to grow something here but because of the heat and not enough water, nothing survived.

My clever husband purchased one of those soaker hoses, I just turn it on for about 15 minutes and it waters the whole flower bed.  The plants are loving that.

Thank you all who have come by to visit through the Ultimate Blog Party 2013, I have gone through and said hi to many of you, but only managed to get up into the 70's.  There are just so many, and I'll slowly get around to you all.

This morning, my husband has a college class, so he's off at school and it's just the kids and I until he returns.  We do have some errands to run and places to go which will take me out of the house for the rest of the day.

My plan is not to rush it though, take our time, there's no sense in running around on a weekend, right?


Lunch - Beef Pot Pies for the kids and I
Dinner -  BBQ Grilled Chicken, Hotdogs, BLT Pasta Salad


Doctor Who 
The Great British Sewing Bee


Shopping for Nic's birthday next week


  1. I'm so envious of your crocheting skills! I love to crochet & knit but I always loose count of where I'm at and then I give up and out of frustration. One of these days I'll pick back up on it. lol (Thanks for stopping by at ohjuststopalready{dot}com)

  2. First of all... sooo jealous that you are having FLIP FLOP WEATHER!! Send some of that my way please!! ;) I love the photo of you & Lola... soooo sweet!!

    Didn't do much today except sewing, cooking, the usual.. although you make it look much more "prettier" somehow! lol!!

  3. Oh my, I'm jealous of you having flip flop weather too!..We are soaking here again.

    Such a fun surprise in the thoughtful of your specail friend.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xo

  4. The best part about living in the south (east or west) is having flip flop and short weather already!

    And oh my at the Doctor Who stamps!! My heart went a flutter at the sight of those gorgeous things. It's always nice to stumble across another Whovian.

  5. Okay kiddo... I am sooo soo jealous of those flip flops...sitting out side... warm 'spring' air (sounds like our summer:)....We have had snow and more snow this weekend!!! Next year I am staying in AZ until May!!!!

  6. Neat stamps..! my 18 year old daughter is an enormous doctor who fan! she has a giant cardboard tardis in her room. So your temps are not a perfect 72! I bet that is heavenly! And your dog is in heaven I see too!

  7. Love your picture and love your blog! Your Lola looks like my former Jake. We were lucky to have him 12+ years and I do miss his playful spirit.

    Thought I'd stop in and show a little love by dropping a comment. I'm surfing on over from the UBP! Party on! ::: Tossing Confetti :::

  8. Your Lola is just like my Todd. He always sits right up against me and will lay his head on my laptop. He's mighty spoiled too.

    What a special gift those stamps are. I smiled when I saw the Jane Austen ones cause I can just imagine your reaction when you opened them.

  9. I crochet too! But not nearly as good as you do! I take a short hiatus and hope to get back to it soon! I miss it! You have gorgeous pictures!!


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