Friday, April 12, 2013


:::: Morning coffee


:::: Watering the front garden




::::  beautiful bursts of color shooting out all over the garden



::::  quick stop for a sandwich at almost 2pm.  Spent the whole day puttering around, doing the usual homemaking


:::: 8th grader concentrating on her schooling, she was writing an essay on Louis Pasteur.


:::: menu planning from the food blog.  I've decided to go back to the very beginning, in 2006, and remake all the recipes.  Before I got my new camera 2 years ago, I was taking all my food pictures with a very old low quality camera and I'm not thrilled with some of the shots, so it's time to redo them and with that also enjoy some of our old family favorites :)


::::  This chicken sits on my stove top, and I just love her so much.  There's something very folksy about her.


It was such a busy day, and I don't know how I made it through as I didn't get very good sleep last night.

I feel that I may be coming down with something, my throat hurts a bit, my head feels off and my nose is stuffy.  I do hope I'm not getting sick as next week we have State testing and that can't be missed.

Thankfully though, my husband has next week off, so if I'm too sick, he will take the kids on his own.

Usually, he takes this week off every year for the testing, because it's always at a different location, and while the kids are testing we spend quite a bit of time together, just out for a cup of coffee or chatting or even a little shopping for the girl's birthday :)

I'm off to bed, have some Dead Files to watch on the DVR, plus Ancient Aliens and want to watch some Deadwood as well.

Have a blessed night,


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Your flowers look amazing. I can't wait for it to warm up here so we can get to gardening. I love the folksy chicken. I love all things chicken right now.

    Get some rest and hopefully you'll be nice and healthy tomorrow.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Such lovely photos! What camera do you use?

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Liane x

  3. Morning Sandra, you are a busy gal, hope you are not catching anything, not good......Love the fabric chicken, pretty flowers.....Take Care, Francine.

  4. Oh no Sandra, I do hope you don't get really sick. I love seeing your flowers, we walked around the yard yesterday and it's going to be awhile before any flowers are popping out of the ground, tho my trees are starting to bud some.

  5. Love the colours in your garden. It's still winter here, even though it's technically spring. More snow forecast over the weekend!

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  6. Spring colds are torturous! I hope you don't get too sick. We're just getting over one here, and it wasn't very fun.

    I highly recommend Airborne chewables!

  7. That's nice that your hubby can take the week off and join you for the drive and the testing.

    Hope you feel better. I've been feeling the same thing so I've been hitting the Cold FX and the hot cups of cinnamon and honey.

  8. Hopefully, you're feeling better. I'm down with a bug myself and hoping the little one doesn't get it too. Please wish your kiddies good luck with the state testing. Those are always way too stressful than they need to be. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!

  9. Flowers are beautiful! I have been excited because ours are finally starting to bloom and posted some on my blog today :-)That sandwich looks delicious too. Hope you have a lovely weekend and feel better soon!!



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