Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Nicholas!


So another year has gone by, and today we are once again celebrating another birthday.

I can now say that I have no children left in the single digits, and that thought scares me.  Almost makes me want to have another......almost....but not quite LOL

Our boy turns 10 years old today.

Oh goodness, I'm not ready for this, he was my last little one, my baby, and now, here he is, a pretween.


This boy has been a force to reckon with from the day he was born.

After suffering two miscarriages, I found myself pregnant with him, and though it was a tough, high risk pregnancy, he was determined to hang in there, so much so that when he was born the doctor was perplexed because he would literally pop out and back in, as if he was tied to a bungee cord LOL

He came out with the cord wrapped around his little body, from his toes all the way up to his chest.  Hahahah

What a stinker!


Constantly making us laugh with his quirky sense of humor.

Smart as heck, he can sit and tell me all about the different kinds of energy and explain them in detail and how they work, from chemical to nuclear....he talks about space and planets, the make up of stars, the chemical composition, and he has long detailed talks with dad about physics, Newton's laws of gravity, and other things that leave my little brain completely fried.


Such a blessing this boy is in your lives.

We love him to death, and we feel privileged and blessed that God allowed us to be parents to this amazing young man.

I can't wait to watch him continue to grow, and learn and go through the ups and downs of life.

Happy Birthday Son, we love you!


  1. A big happy Birthday to Nicholas!!

    Love those photos of both of sweet!

    Enjoy the day with all of the love that you have put into it. xo

  2. Happy Birthday! He looks so much like you, Sandra!

  3. Happy 10th Birthday dear Nicholas. What a gift you are to your family. You are growing from a cute kid into a handsome young man. I look forward to hearing more about your life. Each day is a gift and you are blessed with a loving family and they are blessed by having you.

    Love and hugs ~ Aunt FlowerLady

  4. Double digits... really? I think I started reading here when Nicholas was starting kindergarten. Bittersweet how fast they grow.

    Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

  5. Such a sweet memoire. Looking forward to sweet moments in the sometime future. Hurray for you and your lovely family!

  6. What sweet and emotional photos! He is so cute, I see a big difference in these photos and the one you have on your homepage. Amazing how ten years flies! What better blessing than having healthy and happy children. Happy Birthday, parabens Nicholas!!!

  7. Happy Birthday handsome fella and hugs to you Mom. They grow up way too fast!!

  8. Happy birthday to your son! That was such a sweet blog post! :)

  9. Happy Birthday Nicholas! May you have the best day ever!

  10. The 10th birthday is such an important day for a military brat. Go get that boy his ID card, stat! Happy Birthday young man.

  11. Happy birthday, Nicholas! Hope it was a fun day :-)

  12. Happy Birthday Nicholas...a day late! Hope you had a great day!

  13. Wow. Beautiful pictures. Happy Birthday to your son. I can just see this day coming for my 3 yr old boy who sounds a lot like yours in personality (handful and smart as heck). The time is flying by!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICHOLAS! I hope you're still celebrating.


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