Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello everyone :)

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes for my girl.  She had a great day, and even let me snap some pictures of her which rarely happens.


She got quite a few Doctor Who goodies, which made her very happy.


I just can't get over how big she has gotten. I know that a lot of my older readers remember when I first started blogging, she was sooooooo little :) It's fun going back and reading all those posts and seeing just how the kids have grown.


I call her my mini me LOL

So, anyway, I had a pretty good Friday, got quite a lot of things done today, but also managed to relax a bit and get some crochet in.  Nothing big because I still have my ripply blanket to work on, but just something to whip up real quick, for fun.

I did have my camera stuck to my hip today *so to speak* and snapped quite a few pics of my day.

Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it to take pictures of everything I do and post them on here, because on most days I do pretty much the same things....but then I remind myself that one day I'm going to sit back and browse through this blog and I'll enjoy having all those moments captured forever.


One of the things that I got for half price when I hosted the Pampered Chef Party, was the Cool and Serve Square Tray.  Let me tell you, I just LOVE love love it.

I cut up a bunch of veggies and pop in some ranch dressing, close it and keep it in the refrigerator.  My kids love snacking on the veggies, and hey, much better than having them reach for chips or cookies right???


It's such a neat tray because it comes with these freezer inserts. If you're throwing a barbecue or just hosting a dinner party or whatever it may be, and you're going to have a veggie tray or deviled eggs out for a while, this is perfect. It keeps it cold up to 6 hours OUTSIDE of the fridge.

This morning, I cut up a fresh batch of veggies, and I'm sure it will all be gone in about two days, so I'll just up some more and keep restocking the tray.

When I was done with that, I also got some fresh bread going.


Had a friend of mine stop by and we stood out in my front yard chatting for quite a bit, she saw just how big my flowers are getting, which prompted me to grab a few more pics to show you.

I wish I had taken a pic of the sunflower because goodness gracious, it is HUGE.




and this next one is not really a flower, but I just love palm trees, they are so beautiful in my opinion



Have you ever just stopped and looked, really looked at how God created these things?  The intricate designs, the colors, the textures, it is beyond anything that I could ever imagine.  Just magnificent.

Even a simple drop of water, it is stunning on it's own.


Here's my little crochet project


and funny enough my friend brought me over a Crochet Afghan book which is filled with really neat projects.



I'm using up my bits of cotton yarn that I have left from dishcloths. I think I need to restock my cotton stash soon :)

Switched out my curtains in the kitchen, took down the white ones and replaced them with these pretty florals I made a while ago.


After a couple hours of rising, the bread was baked and pulled out and..................oh is there anything like fresh bread from the oven????


Well, maybe some Deep Dish Sausage Pizza? This is sooooo good. Remember I told you all that these past two weeks I have been revisiting old favorites from my blog?

Deep Dish Sausage Pizza

I had completely forgotten about this one, it was posted back in 2006, actually just a few months after I started blogging. I'm so glad I found it again.

Nicholas does NOT like peppers of any kind, but he ate it all up and said it was delicious. Yay!

Now I need to go switch over my laundry, then I think I'll pick up my crochet hook again and finish off that little project.

I also have my usual Friday night shows to watch AND another one from England called Helicopter Rescue, which features Prince William who is a pilot in the RAF.  He is so handsome, and reminds me so much of his mother Princess Diana.  It's great seeing him rescue people and fly the helicopter and talk on camera about his job etc.  Very interesting.

Oh and another interesting one for those that like medical shows, well, kind of reality medical shows....Keeping Britain Alive:  The NHS in a Day is a fantastic show to watch.

And speaking of British shows, I plan on adding more shows to the Period Drama List, but I'll let you know when I do so you don't miss out.

Ok, now I'm really out, I   


  1. Belated 'Happy Birthday' greetings to dear Jasmine. She is such a lovely young lady.

    Your post are always inspiring me to get up and do something. They are filled with enjoy life all day long.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Yes, please continue taking lots of photos, we love them! :) Sounds like it was a lovely day for Jasmine... I remember my mom watching Dr.Who when I was a kid although I wasn't a fan... (*blush*). Nice of your friend to stop by, I love your crocheting.. it's so beautiful!!

  3. Morning Sandra, such a beautiful girl, great pictures.....The flowers are so pretty....and once again, you made me hungry with your food pictures, :) Francine.

  4. Good morning, dear Sandra! Your daughter is beautiful! I love her hair pulled up like that; it makes her look so grown-up. And she totally looks just like you in her facial features! I always enjoy looking at your everyday photos. They're always so cozy and colorful. Your bread looks amazing. So nice and perfectly golden and rounded on the top! My days of bread-making have been very, very sparse over the last several years, ever since I realized I was allergic to gluten. I really want to make the time to figure out how to make a good loaf of gluten free bread from scratch. Anyway, have a wonderful and most blessed weekend!

  5. Oh my J is beautiful! Curt had better lock that girl up! lol Seriously she had beautiful hair.

    I am glad that you continue to take pictures of your day. It is is the simple, ordinary things all piled together that bring the most joy.

    Have a great Saturday!

  6. Hope Jasmine had a wonderful birthday! (And I think the cake was remarkable!!!) Hope your weekend is great :-)

  7. Next pampered chef party I go to I'm going to check out that tray! Love the idea of having ready cut veggies easily accessible.

    Jasmine's hair...gorgeous!

  8. Wow, she's so pretty, and her hair, people pay good money to have hair like that!! You keep doing what you're doing, it's why your blog is my favourite, still real <3

  9. It's worth it to take so many pictures. I always think that I won't ever regret taking too many pictures, but I will regret not getting enough pictures. :)

    Jasmine is so grown up! I was just looking back at the beginning of your blog a few weeks ago and couldn't believe how much she and Nic have grown since then. You have amazing kids, which are a product of wonderful, loving parents.

  10. Your girl is so beautiful! Belated birthday wishes to her! Please continue to take your lovely pictures. I always love taking a peek into your day.


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