Saturday, April 13, 2013

What I'm doing.....

On my bedside table:
The Kingmaker's Daughter by Phillipa Gregory
Elm Creek Quilts Collection by Jennifer Chiaverini
The Quilters Homecoming by Jennifer Chiaverini
A Wanted Man by Linda Lael Miller

On my watching list:


Latest interests:
Cake decorating
Documentaries on the Tudors


On my mind:
Children's State Testing next week
The results of my husband's promotion test
My brother and sister in law moving to the USA this year
Lots of crochet, knitting, sewing projects

Favorite crochet corner

To be patient and to leave it in the Lord's hands
How to quilt
To make the best home I can for my children
To make sausages from scratch


A menu plan
A Tardis Birthday cake for my daughter
A new red, white and blue quilt
A quilted sewing machine mat

Looking forward to:
Spending time with my husband, he has next week off
Finishing up homeschooling and being done for the year
Getting a pool soon
My daughter's birthday

The new Doctor Who season
My current ripply crochet blanket
Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers
My vegetable garden


  1. Man! You've got so much going on. I don't even have half that much or kids and feel like my plates full. Good job on being (or at least appearing to the rest of us) a supermom.

  2. Geez! Supermom anyone? I don't even have half that list of stuff and feel overwhelmed. Good for you!

  3. Happy Weekend! I love this post - it simply tells it like it is. You have some lovely projects going.

  4. You will have family in the country, you must be so excited!

  5. Where do you get all your energy from! I've only got the one son with another baby on the way and I can barely get dressed in the morning! :)

  6. Thats a platter full for sure!!

  7. Your brother is moving to the States? How exciting is that? You'll have some family a little closer!

  8. So pleased for you that your brother is moving to the States, how exciting! Hugs. x

  9. Hi Sandra
    Ilove your :

    To be patient and to leave it in the Lord's hands

    How to quilt

    I certainly need to work on those myself.

    I made Chorico this weekend. Can't wait to see what kind you are going to make.
    have a peaceful, happy week.



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