Friday, November 15, 2013

Dream come true!

There is something magical and blessed about witnessing someone's dream come true.

Knowing that you are there in that moment to witness their reaction, is a feeling unlike any other.

Yesterday we all headed to Boise for the day....and what a loooonnnnnng day it turned out to be.  As an adult you know that sometimes things happen that are out of our control and as annoying or boring as they may be, we just suck it up and push through.

But when you have 4 teens along, things get a little hairy.  They would much rather be doing fun things, they don't do very well with boring and sitting in a specific place for 3 hours.

Though we did keep ourselves entertained as much as possible. The kids enjoyed the beautiful leaves on the trees outside...



My brother has had this dream car since he saw one back in 2010 when he was visiting us in Arizona on vacation.  Since then, it's been on his mind and he's always said "one day I'll have one."

Well, yesterday was the day.  Not exactly planned but nonetheless, it happened and he was moved to tears when he realized it was coming true.

THAT is where we spent 3 hours with 4 teens and two ragged mommies trying to keep them happy with no way of taking them anywhere but the car dealership.


Was it boring and long? Absolutely! Was it worth the time to see my brother's dream come true? Oh yes!!!

Can't get more American than a Mustang and Apple Pie right???

What a gorgeous car, goodness.  And what a precious moment seeing him drive it away with the biggest grin on his face.  We're thrilled for him and just glad we could be there to witness it.

But the day wasn't all spent at the dealership, because thankfully we started our morning at my favorite place on earth.  When I tell you that I could literally live there and be happy, I mean it, from the bottom of my heart.


I've told my husband that he needs to build me a fireplace as big as this one. 


Oh I can just imagine Christmas stockings hanging on that huge mantle.  *sigh*


Boys will be boys right?  The adult boys decided to play a game of cards while waiting for breakfast to arrive, while the younger boys were more in the mood for some checkers.


Which left us girls to do what we do best.  Chat!

All in all I must say, it was a good day, a little hiccup here and there which is normal when you're going anywhere with kids, but nothing that we couldn't fix with some redirection from stinky attitudes to smiles.

Today, the men are at work in the morning, and will be home this afternoon.  Another blessing that comes with them working at the same place and having the same days off.  What a wonderful Lord we serve.

I had to get up at 6am and turn on the fire because it's downright chilly.  We're at 27 degrees and expecting our first real winter storm this afternoon and tomorrow.  Snow is on the way and I am thinking a big pot of chilli and cornbread for dinner and some carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for some reading, some movie watching, some crocheting, you know, my kind of stuff.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday and staying warm.  I'll be back tomorrow morning with my Five Senses Saturday.

Oh and I do apologize for there not being any Slow Cooking Thursday yesterday, I didn't even have a change to get it on the blog as the trip to Boise was a spontaneous thing.  Sorry folks, I promise to be back next week though :)



  1. Congrats to your brother. It is a sweet Sally. Have fun with the Mustang.

  2. thats awesome for your brother....
    sounds like a busy, but nice day you all had..

  3. I love the Cracker Barrel! Nice car!!

  4. That car is gorgeous - I'm happy for your brother!
    We love Cracker Barrel too.

  5. I LOVE that fireplace. I have always wanted one and have wondered what it would be like to cook in one.

  6. You were just down the road from me yesterday! I dream of a fire place like that to hang stockings from as well.

  7. congrats to your brother!! What fun to share in his special day. Love me some craker barrel, chicken n :(

  8. *82 and Sunny here.
    Glad you're enjoying the weather AND were there to share your bother's joy. So many people find it difficult to genuinely be happy for other people. You have a good heart!

  9. I have been there (waiting with kids) and I agree that it is not fun! My husband has a 69 Mustang convertible that he has had since before I met him. It is the only car that is parked in the garage. He would get a kick out of knowing that was your brother's dream car. Tell him happy driving!


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