Friday, November 8, 2013

# week in review

Week in review.....again!


The worst part about this busy life of mine, is not being able to update every day, although I'm glad I can come in at least on a Friday and give you a quick glimpse of what I've been doing....or at least some of it.

It's been a cold, snowy week here in Idaho.  Oh I'm so thrilled I can't even begin to put into words.

I'm like a kid on Christmas morning, all happy seeing the white snowflakes come down.  Now I'm sure that pretty soon when we're right down in the thick of winter I may be complaining about the cold and driving in the stuff, but for now, for this moment, I'm going to just enjoy it all.

I did so miss a beautiful white snow.


If you could only have seen the joy on the kid's faces.  My son barely remembers what it was like to play in the snow.  When we left 7 years ago he was just 4 years old, but boy was he excited to get back out there.

And my niece and nephew who've never seen snow??? Oh my! I've never seen kids jump up from bed so fast and smile so big.


We didn't see much snow and it didn't stick around for long, but we do have more in the forecast so everyone is eagerly awaiting for that to go play.


One thing I have latched back onto this week, is my crochet. I have missed it so very much, you know how I always say that it's my way of relaxing? Well I surely do need some relaxation lately and some down time and my crochet is where it's at.

I didn't want to pick up unfinished projects quite yet, I wanted something quick and rewarding, so Infinity Scarves it was.

The first one was a simple shell stitch, I didn't follow a pattern but then I did come across one that is very very similar to what I did, so here you go if you want to give it a try.


I was so chuffed with that scarf, and I had a beautiful ball of soft yarn that I wanted to use, that I quickly started another and this one I made in two days, and not 2 full days, mind you....the only time I have free to crochet is at night for about two hours while I wait for my husband to come home from work.


Such a pretty stitch and so very quick to make. Love, love, love this one!  You can find the pattern here.

Now I'm done with both, and I do have some black soft yarn to make something else, though I'm not sure if I want another infinity scarf or if I want a slouchy hat or what. Haven't decided yet. What do you think I should make?

One thing I HAVE decided on is my next blanket, here's a little peek....


Different colors and brought together with white, that's all I can say, but I will show you as I go along :)


I've also been having a bit of a rough week.  The end of October and beginning of November are quite difficult times for me, they are around the time one of my babies would have been born.

Having a miscarriage is heartbreaking, and having two is unfathomable.  You never get over it, it's something that stays with you forever and I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't wonder what my babies would have been like.

Even though one of the miscarriages occurred end of May/June, for some reason it's this time of year that both really hit home for me.

I know that for a few weeks I'm very sensitive and do cry at the drop of a hat, and it used to frustrate me, but for the past few years I have allowed myself to just ride this wave.  If I want to cry, then I cry and then move on.  It's a process and I don't want to forget my children, matter of fact one of the things I most look forward to when I get to Heaven, is meeting them for the first time.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to this past week.  What has your week been like?


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  1. A girl cannot have to many books, bags, laughs, and scarves, so I vote for a scarf for that black yarn. Take care of that tender heart. Much love.

  2. We were in Idaho for a short time but long enough to fall in love with the snow, so very pretty.

    I'm sorry that this is such a difficult time for you...Thankfully you have God who helps you through this painful period. Big hugs to you sweet friend. xxoo

  3. Love, love, love the scarves! So pretty!

    I completely understand about never getting over a miscarriage. I have had one miscarriage and a stillbirth at 20 weeks. For me it is the month of September that it really hits home as my miscarriage happened on Labor Day in 2005 and our son Travis was born silently into Heaven Sept 21 2008. I think of our angel son Travis and his sibling that we lost at 8 weeks many other times throughout the year. I use my faith though to know that they are in Heaven with God and that one day I will meet them again.

  4. Dear Sandra ~ I am so glad that you have been able to do some crocheting again. Your work is lovely as always.

    The snow sounds like fun.

    I am so sorry for the loss of your babies. They are healthy, whole and waiting in heaven to greet their Mama and the rest of the family.

    May you continually feel the love, peace and strength of Jesus flowing through and surrounding your daily.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. Ooo, love the crocheting, I'm glad you are back at it. I'm so enjoying my knitting right now. I had to smile at your niece and nephew and jumping out of bed, I remember doing that for the first snow fall when I was young and it's the most awesome feeling :)

  6. Hugs to you. That's all I can say. xoxo

  7. sending you hugs...
    iam so enjoying knitting a baby blankie right the beginning of your crochet blanket..


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